5 tips for making your concrete patio last longer

5 tips for making your concrete patio last longer

Concrete patios are great for entertaining and provide a nice place to relax on hot summer days. However, if you have one or plan to install one soon, don’t be fooled into thinking that they will last forever. Many things can go wrong with a concrete patio over the years and cause it to need replacement before its time.

Follow these five tips to keep your patio looking good as new for as long as possible!

Protecting A Concrete Patio Surface

Leave the patio alone. Don’t place anything on top of it or leave any objects sitting around that can cause damage to your concrete surface. Concrete is very sensitive and needs to be left undisturbed for it to last a long time. If you have furniture, plants, etc., then make sure they are not close enough to come into contact with the flooring at all times.

Keep Your Patio Dry

Don’t let water pool up on the surface of your concrete patio either – when rainwater pools together overnight, this will create small cracks and openings where weeds and mosses can soon grow through the cracks as well as underneath them! To avoid this issue altogether, try keeping down an old mat beneath some patio chairs or other things you might set on the flooring.

You can also use a broom to sweep the water off of the concrete patio if it is wet because of the rain.

Only use non-skid mats on the concrete patio to help people avoid slipping and falling. These will also protect your flooring from dirt, sand, and other things that have been tracked into the space as well.

Keep The Area Around Your Concrete Patio Clean

This is a tip for keeping your concrete patio cleaner in general – keep it clean! It would be best if you swept or vacuumed periodically to eliminate any debris before it becomes embedded within those small cracks and openings where weeds can grow up through them with ease. If you don’t do this, then not only will your baseboards be dirty, but they’ll likely need some power cleaning every so often because there’s no way to reach all of those nooks and crannies.

Use a Sealant and Protectant

Once you’re done pouring your concrete, use sealant to protect it from stains! You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of how to do this – just cut in some edge sealer or joint compound around the edges of your patio, then let dry for about an hour before applying another coat.

Once applied, make sure there is at least a one-inch distance between where the sealant meets and the ground so that water doesn’t accumulate inside. This will also help keep weeds away when they try to grow through cracks as well.

Prepare Your Concrete Surface Properly Before Setting Up Your Furniture

Another important way you can extend the life expectancy of your concrete is by making sure it’s prepared properly before setting up your furniture. You’ll want to double-check that you’ve sealed any cracks or gaps in the concrete and then use a broom or brush to sweep away all loose dirt and debris from the surface of your patio.

Finally, avoid spilling anything on top of the flooring! This can cause damage when they mix with water (which causes cement stains), so always clean up spills as soon as possible rather than letting them sit for long periods like this.

Concrete patios are excellent because they require little maintenance after installation, but you can take steps during construction, which will make maintaining yours even easier later.

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