5 Simple Homemade Decorations from Birthday Balloons

Balloons are usually associated with celebrations and holidays. So, it is not surprising that most parties take place with such decorations. Some people count on professional services from premium decorators. But there is a category of people that is willing to try DIY balloon decorations made at home.

There are many ideas to take into consideration. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 ones that will be easy to repeat even without some significant skills and experience concerning balloons and various decorations. First, buy all necessary supplies. It is possible to order balloons online for your convenience and be open for experiments.

1 – Balloons with Confetti & Surprises

This idea will be awesome for children’s parties. If balloons with confetti will look great together with a suitable interior for the celebration, ones with surprises will grab the attention of kids for sure. It is possible to have some interesting games as well if you put inside small pieces of paper with tasks and quests. Everything depends on your imagination.

The most necessary thing is to make everything properly in the context of blowing and decorative arrangements. Follow these recommendations to make such a balloon decoration hassle-free and fast:

  1. Be sure that your balloons are clear and are damage-free first.
  2. Hold the mouth of your balloons to add confetti or other particles as you want.
  3. When the required elements are inside balloons, it is high time to inflate them.
  4. Use a pump or helium bottles/cylinders/other devices and then tie a knot.
  5. You can decorate the ready-inflated balloon with the help of ribbons, tinsels, stickers, etc.
  6. Shake the balloon so that your confetti is going to be spread inside.

If you are going to add some surprises inside, select balloons of tighter latex type and of darker color. This way all the guests can take part in the contest or game with tasks or presents mentioned in the hidden notes. The balloon should be burst by children or willing adults.

2 – Balloon Columns

Inflate balloons of different sizes and fix them together to form a huge column. You can place this decoration above the entry or just in the photo zone. Your Birthday party will become brighter with such an attractive detail. It is recommended to use balloons of several colors to play with contrasts.

Select color patterns for your party. For example, if a Birthday cake or most interior elements will be of yellow color, use yellow balloons with ones of the contrast coloration (dark blue, emerald, etc.).

3 – Birthday-Numbered Balloons

If you would like to make an accent on the date and years of the Birthday boy or girl, use numbered balloons for decoration. Inflate them with the helium and turn the room into a true party island. Only imagine how cool this decoration will look like with the kids’ bright outfits, a green landscape, or just a light and roomy hall for your celebration!

4 – Balloon Flowers & Bunches

It is possible to create decorations of any shape and design with the help of balloons. Some skillful masters can make real masterpieces like huge teddy bears or Mickey Mouse. A simple way to create a composition from balloons is flowers and bunches. You can decorate walls this way or even present a balloon daisy or chamomile to someone at the party. Just tie all the balloons together and enjoy the final result.

5 – Foil Helium Balloons

Foil balloons always look gorgeous when it comes to party decorations. Use them to make the voluminous congratulation “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” for your Birthday girl or boy. This way you will decorate a room for your party or just create a perfect photo zone outside if the celebration takes place outdoors.

Remember that nothing is impossible. Your imagination and efforts can make all dreams come true. Follow these tips and stay open to experiments with balloons to make guests impressed with your homemade decorations!

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