5 Reasons To Use Hollow Metal Doors in Commercial Construction

5 Reasons To Use Hollow Metal Doors in Commercial Construction

If you are remodeling an old building or building a new commercial property, it is essential to pick high-quality doors. The doors you choose should be able to offer protection against fires and intruders. You can select various options, but hollow metal doors are the best doors you can pick for your commercial construction. They are popularly used in commercial buildings because of their strength and durability. Listed below are reasons you should use hollow metal doors in construction.

High Security

No door can offer your commercial construction high security like a hollow metal door. The metal is strong, and has strong resistance, ensuring that your security level is a notch higher. A hollow metal door can absorb and disperse impacts hence, lowering the chances of cracking, denting, or breaking. It is also hard to bust the frame down. As mentioned earlier, hollow metal doors are also fire resistant.

Both the frame and door use thicker steel. Therefore, if the property is located in a high vandalism area, you can be sure that it will be impossible for them to break in. Hollow metal doors can also be made with bullet-resistant cores, and they are also the best in offering protection against flying debris, strong winds, and storms.

Multiple Style Options

When you pick a door for your commercial property, the primary factor to consider should be security, which hollow metal doors offer. However, you do not have to pick plain doors. Hollow metal doors come in different color finishes and styles. There are various surface designs for both the frame and door that you can choose from, and there are also embossed and plain doors. It is also easy to maintain because you can easily clean the steel by wiping it. The doors also have a shine that makes them attractive.

Hollow Metal Doors are an Excellent Investment

Hollow steel doors are an excellent investment, especially if your building is in a busy environment. Hollow metal doors are the best choice because they can outlast aluminum and wood. Their steel frames also enhance their durability. Since steel is a strong material, steel doors perform well on-field use and swing testing.

Energy Efficient

Hollow metal doors are energy efficient. When you use them in your commercial construction, they can help with energy costs. The doors often have spaces between their panels which act as insulation. Adding polyurethane or polystyrene insulation in the cavity can help enhance the insulating effect. If you want a fire-rated door, you will have to choose polystyrene since it works best on these doors. However, polyurethane has the best insulation.

Easy to Maintain

Hollow metal doors are easy to maintain. When you purchase a wooden door, you may think you are saving money since they are cheaper. However, wood absorbs moisture to easily bubble, peel, bow, twist, and warp. Therefore, get a hollow metal door since you will have it long-term. With proper care, it can go for up to 30 years. In cases where they need repairs or maintenance, the cost is often low.

As mentioned earlier, hollow metal doors are an excellent investment. Compared to other types of doors, they are relatively affordable despite the various essential features, such as the high security they offer.
Hollow metal doors are the best for your commercial construction because they are secure, affordable, versatile, and durable. The inner cores and thickness of the steel vary depending on the intended purpose of the door. Ensure that you seek professional help when picking a door so they can help you choose a door that best fits your building according to its purpose. 

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