5 Reasons to Hire a Caregiver for an Elderly Loved One

5 Reasons to Hire a Caregiver for an Elderly Loved One

Do you have an elderly parent living alone? Many seniors want to remain in the homes they raised their families in and enjoyed so many joyous memories.

But how do you know if your mom or dad may need extra assistance to make aging in place a reality?

Here are several reasons to hire a caregiver for an elderly loved one. It’ll give them the ability to stay at home and retain a measure of independence.

1. Your Parent Is Missing Appointments

Is your aging parent getting forgetful? It’s normal for people to forget things sometimes. But if your mom or dad misses medical appointments, social events, or other things, don’t ignore it. Forgetfulness is one symptom of severe ailments like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Of course, forgetfulness doesn’t necessarily mean your aging loved one has a disease of the mind. But it’s worth looking into. You might determine that getting in-home care is a must.

2. Your Parent Has a Problem Standing or Moving Around

If your elderly relative has difficulty standing up or moving around, that’s a telltale sign that they may need some assistance. Perhaps they’ll need a walker or rollator to get around better. But if movement is difficult even with helpful equipment, then in-home care might be the answer.

If you go with the right home care provider, you’ll be able to choose the caregiver who renders assistance. The home care provider will then pay the caregiver at the end of each shift. It’s a good option if your mom or dad doesn’t want someone unfamiliar in their home.

3. Your Parent Has Poor Personal Hygiene

If your elderly loved one has poor personal hygiene, that’s a red flag. Maybe they’ve traditionally been meticulous about showering, doing their hair, brushing their teeth, and more. You’ll want to investigate if things have suddenly changed to the point where their personal hygiene isn’t what it was. Also, observe how well their home is being cared for. Getting in-home care might be just what your elderly loved one requires to live safely in their home.

4. Your Parent Is Having Regular Bathroom Accidents

Another sign your elderly loved one might need in-home care is if they are having frequent bathroom accidents. If their undergarments are soiled or they’re not changing them often enough, that’s a problem. Another problem is if they’re not getting to the bathroom quickly enough and end up soiling other areas of the house. You’ll definitely want to look into getting in-home care. It’s a sensitive issue, so you’ll want to be respectful in helping them to get the care they need.

5. Your Parent Isn’t Using Their Medications Properly

Is your mother or father on any medications? If so, you know that they need to be taken in the proper quantities at the right times of the day. Many seniors might be on several medications at the same time, which means it’s essential to take these medications as prescribed.

Failing to take medication or taking it in the wrong amounts can cause problems that range from minor side effects to major health complications. If you notice that your loved one isn’t managing their meds properly, it might be time to step in. Find out what they’re taking and ensure they know when to take the various prescription drugs. Contacting a home care provider and getting the right caregiver will ensure there’s no medication mismanagement.

These are five ways you can tell if your aging loved one needs in-home care. Of course, you’ll want to find the right caregiver to look after someone you love dearly. That’s why it makes sense to find a home care provider that’ll let you and your loved one choose the caregiver.

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