5 Organizational Tips to Implement in Your Laundry Room

5 Organizational Tips to Implement in Your Laundry Room

When you have a lot of laundry that you need to get clean on a regular basis, you might find yourself struggling to make the most of your laundry room and the space that it offers. There are some things that you can do to organize the space and make sure that you can get things done as efficiently as possible.

1. Keep Items You Need Often Easy to Reach

If you always have to move one bottle of detergent to get to another, you are going to feel frustrated by the effort it takes to do a load of laundry. You need to make sure that all of the products that you use on a regular basis are easy to reach. Reorganize your shelf so that the items that you do not use often are stashed at the back and so that those items that you use all of the time are right at the front. Make sure that tools such as your ironing board and iron are in a place where they are easy to get to.

2. Have Multiple Baskets for Clothing

You need to be able to sort your clothing before it goes into the washer, and it can be helpful to have multiple baskets set up so that all of the clothing is sorted as it is added to the laundry room. You also need to be able to sort the laundry after it comes out of the dryer, putting it into different baskets depending on the person it is for or the room where it is headed. You should have many baskets in your laundry room, all ready for laundry to be thrown in them.

3. Consider Keeping a Schedule or Checklist Hanging in the Room

It can be helpful for you to keep track of when you last washed your bedding, and you can have a schedule hanging in your laundry room that will help you remember that. You can also have a checklist hanging in the laundry room that will help you remember what items your children need to have clean for school. You can use different types of organizational lists in your laundry room to keep you on top of things.

4. Have a Spot for Clothing that Isn’t Getting Put Away Right Away

If you struggle to get clothing put away after it is clean, you should have a shelf or hanging rack in your laundry room where you can put clean clothes until you are ready to get it put back where it belongs. You should have a clean area where you can set aside those items that are ready to be put away when you just do not have time to get them out of the laundry room.

5. Create a Space for Folding Clothing

If you want your space to feel clean and organized, you need to have a bare counter that is always available where you can fold clothing as it comes out of the dryer. You should move things around so that you will have a clean space where you can put clothes so that you can get everything folded up and ready to go to the rooms where it belongs. If you don’t have a folding space in your laundry room, you might leave clothing sitting around and getting wrinkled or dirty, and you might end up having to wash that clothing all over again.

When you go through your laundry room and make a few changes to it, you can better prepare the space so that you will be able to get laundry done quickly and easily.

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