5 Advantages for Installing a New Sign at Your Retail Store

5 Advantages for Installing a New Sign at Your Retail Store

You can have the most amazing store in the world, but it won’t matter if you can’t get customers through the door. That’s why marketing and advertising are so important. You need to advertise your brand far and wide in order to gain attention and attract customers. And while it’s certainly vital to place advertisements in magazines, on the internet, and in many places even further afield, you shouldn’t forget about your most important marketing tool: the sign located right outside your store.

For such a small, simple item, your store’s sign has many important roles. It identifies the location of your store, tells people what types of products you offer, shares your business’s name, and implants your logo in the minds of passersby.

An old, faded sign won’t do any of these tasks as well as a new, freshly-painted specimen. Here are the five main reasons why getting a new sign is so important.

Attract More Attention

When the paint on your sign is dim or faded, people driving or walking by might not even notice it’s there. A sign that’s been in the same place for decades can also become so familiar that it practically disappears into the surrounding scenery. When you get a new sign, you can be sure it will stick out and attract attention. Not only will the new, bright colors practically jump out at people passing by, but the very fact of a sudden change will also be noteworthy.

Ensure The Writing Is Legible

As signs get dirty and fade, the writing becomes increasingly hard to see. People on the road might not even understand what you’re sign is saying. This is a major problem because you’re counting on your signing telling people what your store has to offer. If you’re in the business of selling sports supplies and the words “sporting goods” are no longer legible, you’ll never attract new customers from the street.

Make Sure Your Logo Is Clear

Logos are an important part of any business because they stick in the mind of potential customers. If you own a laundromat and your logo is a personified, smiling washing machine, then people around town will come to equate the image with your business. Just catching a glimpse of the logo while driving by will remind them that it’s time to bring their clothes for a wash. A faded or unclear logo won’t have nearly as positive an effect as a bright, gleaming image. You need people to clearly see your logo if you want it to do its job.

Let People Know You’re Still In Business

When people see the same faded sign on the side of the road year after year, they might wonder if you’re going out of business. After all, most shopkeepers replace their sign every so often if they’re sticking around for the long haul. Getting a new sign will show people that you’re committed to spending many more years in your present location. This will inspire them to become loyal customers.

Update Your Branding

While consistency in branding is key to developing a long-term marketing strategy, the occasional update can give your business a welcome shot of adrenaline. Businesses from sub shops to sports teams use rebrandings to update their general aesthetic and attract attention. Replacing your store’s sign gives you a chance to revamp the logo and opt for a new color scheme. This will make people think exciting changes are underway in the store, compelling them to come in and take a look around.

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