4 Times When You Need to Use a Land Surveying Service

4 Times When You Need to Use a Land Surveying Service

Land surveys are essential procedures necessary for our peaceful coexistence, and we cannot live without them. The surveying practice dates back to the pre-colonial period when people safeguarded their land or compound with fences. Over time land surveying has changed, and numerous people have realized its importance. The tools and devices for land surveying have also gone through massive transformations as technology evolves with time. Nowadays, countless high-end survey instruments and tools give accurate measurements without compromising quality. This article outlines the four instances that you require to use land surveying services.

When you have an Impending Boundary Dispute

Land disputes are unavoidable, but the best thing one can do is know the best way to solve them. In case you have disagreements with your neighbor over a specific shared boundary, it is crucial to seek a land surveyor’s services. You need to look for a licensed land surveyor who will accurately map your region and certify your boundary line. Services of unlicensed surveyors are not legally binding, and you cannot use that evidence to prove the area in question is yours. Land surveying service will enable you to get certified documents that clearly show land demarcation and who owns what. That will help you navigate the process of settling disputes easily.

When you Want to Build

Whether you need to construct a commercial building or any structure, getting the land surveying service is a brilliant idea. Land surveyors have modern tools and survey instruments that accurately draw lines. The survey professionals will analyze the soil properties and give recommendations on whether the land can hold a multi-story building or not. Also, you need to understand the scope of the land, including things like underground pipes and other utilities. Groundbreaking without proper knowledge of such information can lead to severe damages and other legal repercussions. Land survey service will also help you make informed decisions on how to subdivide the land and design it. If you have a long-term real estate project, you need to look for a reputable land survey company to help guide you before any groundbreaking work is done.

When you Want to Erect a Fence or Mark Your New Land

If you have recently purchased your land, you need the services of an experienced and licensed land surveyor to assist you while erecting the fence. The boundaries of newly purchased land need to be accurately demarcated for everyone to see. Demarcations prevent future land disputes with the neighbors. If you want to give your old land a new look, fencing is one of the improvement methods necessary to undertake. Numerous people are unsure of the exact areas of their boundaries. Seeking the services of a land surveyor in such a scenario is a brilliant strategy.

When You Want to an Extension of Your Property

Property extension is a common practice among property owners. Numerous reasons prompt a homeowner to extend their home. Some of them include; increased demand for housing, cutting the costs of constructing separate buildings, etc. Before a home or property extension is done, an expert surveyor should be hired to analyze whether the topography is suitable for an extension. A land survey service is also critical when the homeowner is unsure whether their land improvement initiatives will have any adverse effects on their immediate neighbors.

In a nutshell, a land survey is an inevitable process when one is planning to begin construction work. There are numerous land survey companies nowadays offering similar services, and most of them are very professional in their work. However, it would help if you did thorough research to establish licensed and reputable companies within your locality.

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