4 Signs you need to Replace your Septic Tank

4 Signs you need to Replace your Septic Tank

Septic tanks last for decades when well maintained. They are often installed to handle wastewater treatment in homes that are far from a sewage system. However, they start causing consistent problems when the systems are aging. A septic tank has a delicate system and needs to be pumped after every three years. If the septic system stops working correctly, it creates health hazards and extreme damage to your home. A professional technician can repair it in some cases, but most issues need a complete septic tank replacement. No matter what kind of septic system you have, do not ignore these four signs.

1. Backing Up Sewage

Frequent raw sewage backups in toilets and sinks is never a good sign. If your septic system is breaking down, raw sewage will start coming from your drains. You may hear gurgling from the gutters and smell terrible odor around the house. Clogged pipes cause noise.

There may also be decreased flushing and improper draining. If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional technician immediately. The technician will inspect the system to identify the problem. Depending on its severity, the expert will recommend a septic tank replacement.

2. Pools in the Yard

The average lifespan of a septic tank, if well maintained, is forty years. However, if you start noticing puddles in your backyard and it has not rained for a while, your septic system may be breaking down. The system may not be disposing of wastewater well, thus pooling.

Your septic system is meant to treat wastewater before clearing it to the drain field. If the drain field is flooded with sewage, raw sewage will back up in your drains, and wastewater will overflow your backyard. Raw sewage may also be left floating in your yard. In this situation where your system is not performing essential functions properly, consider replacing it.

3. Greener Grass around the Septic Tank

Look at the area near your septic tank. Is the grass greener than in other places? If so, you need to replace your septic tank immediately. When the septic system starts breaking down, the amount of soil moisture will start increasing—causing the grass around the septic tank to grow faster than in other areas.

When the system fails, it forces sewage to flood your backyard. The sewage then acts like fertilizer to the grass and other plants around the septic tank. Though the plants in your backyard will flourish, this is a sign your septic system is breaking down. Contact a professional technician to replace it as soon as possible.

4. Filthy Smell

Your home wastewater flows into the septic tank. But if your septic system is failing, you will start smelling foul odor from leaking and backing up sewage. A bad smell around your home means your system cannot hold more waste. Have it immediately inspected because you may need a replacement.

If you notice any of the above signs and are worried whether your septic system needs a replacement, contact a professional technician. A specialized plumber in septic tank maintenance can come into your home, inspect the system, and assess what is to be done with the identified problem. The technician will discuss the best action to take and determine whether your septic tank needs a replacement. The quicker you respond to the issues, the better.

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