4 Reasons to Try CBD Soft Gels

Those who have tried CBD before have likely felt at least some of the many benefits it can provide, including relief from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep issues, and more. Some people enjoy ingesting their CBD in vape juice, others prefer topical creams, and some like to enjoy CBD in gummies or other edibles. For people who want to keep things as simple as possible, CBD soft gels might be the best option. Learn more about the benefits of CBD gels below. 

1. They Are Discreet

Some people don’t mind vaping CBD around friends and family members when they feel they need a dose of CBD. Others may feel self-conscious or anxious about using a vape pen, tincture, or CBD topical around others, especially if the people they are around do not fully understand what CBD is and the benefits it can provide. Vaping or putting in a bit of CBD oil in your mouth in front of others may attract a bit of unwanted attention or numerous questions. 

CBD capsules are a more discreet way to take CBD, as it takes no time at all to swallow a soft gel or two with a sip of water. You can even take CBD gels ahead of time, as they take a bit longer than other methods to take effect. 

2. You Can Easily Travel With Them

Some methods of CBD ingestion require you to to haul around a variety of liquids that you will have to carefully measure out to get the right dose. Not CBD gels! The only thing you have to pack is the bottle, and you don’t have to worry about precise measurements for consistent dosing. CBD gel capsule bottles are small enough to fit in a purse or drawstring bag for day trips, and they easily fit into luggage for longer getaways. 

Plus, electronic cigarettes and vaping devices cannot be put into any checked bags when traveling on an airplane. If you forget to remove your vaping device from your checked bag, the airport security staff may have to discard your devices if their equipment detects them. Even if they go through undetected, they can still get damaged as they tumble around with the other luggage at the bottom of the plane. 

CBD can help you fall asleep either during or after long flights, and capsules can make it that much easier to get your daily dose of CBD. 

3. You Don’t Need Equipment to Take Them

Although CBD vape kits are relatively inexpensive, some people do not want the expense or hassle of having more equipment to keep track of around the house in order to get a dose of CBD. CBD gels do not require you to purchase any additional equipment, keep a vape cartridge charged, or wash vape kit parts regularly. 

Keeping track of your vape equipment can also become cumbersome, as small parts can easily be misplaced or broken. CBD capsules can be taken as is, with or without a sip of water, and you are good to go! 

4. The Effects Last Longer

One reason why many people prefer vaping or tinctures over capsules is that they can begin to feel the effects of CBD much more quickly. This benefit comes with a drawback, however. CBD that is ingested, in gummies or capsules, can provide effects that are felt for several hours at a time. It can take 1-2 hours to feel the intial effects, but they stick around for much of the day or night. 

Vaping, on the other hand, can produce detectible effects within 15 minutes. Those effects often don’t last more than an hour, so many people may continue vaping all throughout the day to keep a consistent supply of CBD running through their bodies. If you don’t want to deal with having to take doses throughout the day or night, a gel capsule can give you consistent CBD effects with one pill. 

In Conclusion

While CBD can be beneficial in several different forms, CBD capsules may appeal to people who are looking for the most convenient way to consume CBD. Be sure that you are getting your CBD gels from a company that is third-party tested and have only the highest quality ingredients. 

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