4 Ideas for Bringing Your Personality into Your Scrubs

4 Ideas for Bringing Your Personality into Your Scrubs

Scrubs are the perfect opportunity to show your personality and style. They are the first thing people see when they walk into your office and the last thing to be discarded at the end of a long day. Scrubs can be cozy and similar to wearing a pair of pajamas to the workplace, and there was a time when they came in very standard boring colors.

Today scrubs have bright patterned designs, colors, and cuts. They can be as comfortable or as flattering to the wearer, whichever they prefer. To bring your personality into your scrubs, you have a few options:

Select Bright Colors

Pick bright colors that make it easier for people to remember what kind of doctor is walking down the hallways when only out of the hospital gown and in their work clothes! For example, orange would get lost on tall doctors but might show up well with shorter ones or nurses who wear skirts instead of pants suits.

Think about how color stands out against uniforms made from white fabric if choosing an almost neon shade like turquoise blue. Pink could also contrast nicely against fluorescent green scrub tops, which some medical centers use during flu season (think backlit signs).

Choose Fun Patterns

Your scrubs may be a close second to your home in terms of how much you wear them. If that’s the case, then why not make it fun and add some variety with patterns? For example, a striped top can offer an injection of color or keep things simple with one solid color topped off by a patterned scrub cap.

Mix Different Fabrics and Accessorize

No need to stick to cotton when dressing as medical professionals! Silk is more flattering for those who aren’t quite confident about their weight status, while warmer climates will love flannel prints perfect for cooler days (or nights). Some people even choose wool if they live in a colder region because this fabric tends to be warm without being too hot during the summer months.

The sky’s the limit with this one; scrubs are an open canvas for personal expression when it comes to accessories. Shoes come in every color of the rainbow, so there’s no need to feel restricted with what colors work best with your uniform (just like we don’t restrict ourselves from wearing as many different prints). And if shoes aren’t enough? Add some flair by switching out traditional medical ID tags for unexpected fun earrings or a decorative watch face.

Everyday Tips To Wearing Scrubs

When choosing scrubs, think about wearing something comfortable. No one wants to wear uncomfortable clothes all day long. If it’s too tight or the wrong size, it can cause a lot of discomfort throughout the day and distract you from work.

You’ll also be more likely to take off your scrubs before going home at night if they don’t fit well. That’s why wearing comfortable scrubs is important!

Make them uniquely yours. There are many ways to personalize your scrubs so that they turn into a uniform that reflects who you are as an individual.

Be sure to wash your scrubs at least every other day. This will help them last longer and also keep you smelling fresh!

Wear tops that are loose enough, so they don’t bunch up under the scrub top when you lift your arms. You’ll be more comfortable if there’s a little extra room but not too much air space where it looks sloppy.

Avoid wearing jeans, leggings, or any type of pants outside of work hours with your scrubs unless they’re specially designed for this purpose. It can make people think that you’re practicing medicine while out in public which is never allowed as an HCWP without express permission from supervisors or employers.

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