4 Essential Tips for Storing Christmas Décor in the Off-Season

4 Essential Tips for Storing Christmas Décor in the Off-Season

Christmas is so close, yet it feels like it’s light-years away. That’s because the holidays are busy and you probably can’t get everything done in time. Please make a few plans ahead of time and save your energy for the festivities, but we all know that isn’t possible. Here are four essential tips for storing Christmas décor when the holidays aren’t right around the corner to keep your sanity in check.

1: Take Inventory of Your Christmas Décor

If you don’t know what you have, you won’t know what to use in the future. Start by taking inventory of your Christmas décor. You can do this with a computer spreadsheet or use an inventory sheet to list where your decorations are, the year they were made, and the condition they’re in. It’s best to write down the year or even the decade you made your décor. If you have a tag, this will help you find the information on the Internet if it’s not already in your database.

2: Clean Your Christmas Décor

Make sure your décor is ready to be packed up and stored. If you have old toys or decorations, it’s best to get rid of them rather than store them. There’s no reason to keep things around that are broken or don’t work anymore. You can find a charity resale shop of your choice and drop off your Christmas décor for donation. If you’re having trouble parting with your old ornaments and decorations, it’s best to hire a professional cleaner to come in and dust them for you.

3: Make a Storage Plan

Now that you’ve taken inventory of your décor and cleaned it up, it’s best to plan where you will store it. It would be best to pack all your décor in dry boxes or containers, which will help keep them from being damaged. It’s wise to store most of your décor in cardboard boxes. When you’re packing up more essential items like Santa and Elf figurines, you can put them in bubble wrap so they don’t break during shipping, and items like strands of Christmas lights can be placed in containers designed specifically for them. Put everything away and note where it’s stored when you’re done.

4: Don’t Over-Pack

There’s nothing worse than to be unpacking and finding out you’ve packed something incorrectly, causing a huge mess. Store your Christmas décor in small containers that won’t take up much room if possible. However, if you can’t avoid putting things into larger containers, keep the number of boxes to two or three per container and make sure all boxes are neatly packed with no items sitting under other things.

While it might seem like Christmas is just around the corner, you have to take a break and ensure that your décor is ready for storage. It will be hard to clean and pack up so much Christmas décor, but keeping it all neat in your storage area will help you feel confident that everything is where it should be when the big day arrives.

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