3 ways to stay one step ahead

3 ways to stay one step ahead

With the corona crisis still fresh in our memory, we look back on a challenging period for many entrepreneurs for more detail shlomo rechnitz. We saw perseverance, creativity and entrepreneurship come together and business plans that were overhauled. Most of the measures have now been lifted and enterprising Netherlands is stepping on the accelerator. What lessons can we take from the past period and how have other entrepreneurs continued? These are 3 ways to stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Thinking in terms of opportunities

Developments and opportunities in the market follow each other in rapid succession and you often see a direct impact on your turnover. First of all, it is important to have a clear and clear picture of your current business situation. Where do you see the needs in the market and what can you do to meet these needs? What are the expected investments and what does your financing budget look like?

Keeping going in times of crisis

Entrepreneur Ankie was fully committed to social media and advertising. With the ‘Do It Yourself fitting sessions’ she made it possible for her customers to try on wedding dresses within the restrictions. She herself gave advice at an appropriate distance. A formula that turned out to work excellently and ensured that they have put themselves and their company back on track.

Even if you do not initially have the ambition to grow quickly with your company, you can be ahead of your competition by thinking in terms of opportunities. For this entrepreneur , growing her business comes from doing what she likes to do, not necessarily the goal. In her company she can use her creativity with nice colleagues around her.

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2. Rethink your business model

Times of crisis can force us to thoroughly reconsider our revenue model, or create space to consider how well your revenue model fits with the vision you have as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Ton Eijbergen seized the opportunity to reorient himself during the corona crisis and, among other things, shifted his focus to a different target group. Together with partners, he looked for opportunities to align his secondment agency with the sustainable vision he has of helping people further. Now that the corona crisis is behind us, the market is ready again and his company is sustainable and future-proof. Curious about his entrepreneurial story? 

Curious about your own business situation after the corona crisis? Map out your business situation in 5 steps with our free Corona Canvas . Would you like to map out your own business situation after the corona crisis? Check out our Corona Canvas here.

3. Keep actively telling your story

When the liquidity of your company comes under pressure, it makes sense to look for efficiency. Where can you save costs and which projects can or should be put on hold? Although you don’t see immediate results from your investment in marketing activities, it’s important to keep telling your story.

Bet on a strong website and a well-thought-out marketing strategy, the online findability of your company contributes to your brand awareness.Not only online, but also offline you can continue to bind your customers to you. For example, by making the difference with the little things and giving customers just a little extra attention. Read here how entrepreneur Rita de Vos managed to achieve growth with her company Dierenhotel Pocahondas.

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