3 Simple Ways to Take Your Dog's Birthday to the Next Level

3 Simple Ways to Take Your Dog’s Birthday to the Next Level

It is that time of the year again. It is time to celebrate another year around the sun with your best friend, the one you tell all your secrets to and who is always there when you are down–your dog! Want to make it really special? Follow these three simple ways to turn your dog’s special day into the social event of the year.

Provide Party Games

Party games like fetch are so last year. Mix it up a little with some creative party games. Fill a baby pool with tennis balls to create a doggie ball pit. Open up your pool if you have one, or fill several kiddie pools for a summer pool party. Turn on the sprinklers and let your dog and their friends chase the water. Pack Kongs with frozen treats and hide them around the yard for a treat hunt, or fill a large bucket and have the dogs bob for treats.

Give each dog a chance to show off their skill with a Dog Olympics game. You do not need a full agility kit and training to pull this off; just let your guests know to bring their dog’s A game. Have competitions for basic obedience commands–sit, stay, down–and then have everyone show off their dog’s most impressive trick. The winner takes home a dog themed basket.

Of course, all activities should be closely supervised. Dogs can become excitable in such high energy environments, and nothing kills the birthday vibe faster than a small skirmish over a party game.

Make a Stellar Spread

Food is always the centerpiece of any social gathering. Make sure to have plenty of treats for your guests. They can be as simple as a bag of store-bought bones or as complex as mixing yogurt and peanut butter and freezing them in Kongs to give out as pupsicles. And do not forget the cake! You can make your own with dog friendly ingredients or simply order one from a dog bakery.

For the humans in attendance, dog themed food is a must. Throw together a quick trail mix that looks like kibble, or serve chili in small dog food bowls. Make cookies and use cookie cutters to fashion them into the shape of bones, and serve a dog themed cake to celebrate the occasion. Choose from one of the many dog themed craft beers on the market to serve as an option along with water and soda.

Choose a Theme

To really take your party over the top, choose a theme. It can be anything from a Hawaiian luau to a glamorous 1920s themed bash. Require guests to dress for the occasion, but most importantly, require the dogs in attendance to dress up. Costumes can be homemade or purchased from the local pet store. Offer a prize for the best human/canine duo, and commemorate the occasion with a pet friendly photo booth.

Dogs are our best friends, and it is only right that we celebrate them each year. With these three tips, your dog’s next birthday will not only be a blast, it will be the social event of the year.

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