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10 Top Urban Atlanta Photoshoot Locations

It’s common for couples or even individuals to express interest in arranging a photoshoot within or near Atlanta. Often, the initial query arises, “Where is the best location around Atlanta for a photoshoot?” Given the considerable duration I’ve dedicated to honing my skills in this region, I’ve compiled a selection of the finest ten spots within Atlanta that are ideal for a photoshoot.

  • Historic Old Fourth Ward Park – Recognized as Historic Fourth Ward Park, this green area name comes after the adjacent Old Fourth Ward community. It stands out as a revitalizing natural space amidst the vibrant urban activity. Encompassing 17 acres, this remarkable park has facilities for everyone’s pleasure – conveniently located just a brief stroll down the slope from the well-visited Eastside Trail. The park provides an array of attractions, including a playful water fountain and an amphitheater. The scenic surroundings and the quaint pond offer abundant opportunities for imaginative exploration.
  • Westside Provisions District – Originated as a collaborative marketing venture between two neighboring projects: Westside Urban Market and White Provision. Back in 1998, Westside Urban Market emerged as a trailblazer in offering sophisticated retail and dining experiences in the western part of the city. Renowned for its picturesque bridge, brick architecture, and charming rustic areas, it has become a favored location for photoshoots. Numerous staircases, railings, and al fresco seating options provide an excellent backdrop for crafting delightful and charming poses.
  • Jackson Street Bridge – The bridge provides a stunning vantage point of the urban skyline. When the lighting is just proper, it presents an irresistible opportunity. If your affection for Atlanta matches your partner’s, the Jackson Street Bridge is an ideal setting for capturing your engagement through a photo shoot. Security may be necessary for the photoshoot.
  • Studioplex Lofts – Studioplex stands as a concealed treasure within Inman Park. Amidst the structures, weathered brick walls adorned with hanging plants create an ambiance of subtle allure. The location offers a substantial degree of seclusion and privacy.
  • High Museum of Art – Crafted to engage with the crossroads of culture and community, the High Museum of Art is an ideal destination for those seeking an engagement photoshoot infused with artistic vibrancy and luminosity. It’s essential to be aware that an outdoor shooting permit is obligatory, obtained without charge by establishing contact with their team through the contact form. Additionally, a conveniently located parking deck is adjacent to the museum, ensuring effortless accessibility.
  • Atlanta Beltline – Spanning numerous miles, the beltline presents many attractions. Among them are artwork displays, graffiti murals, brick towers, a skateboard park, and various elements utilized as picturesque settings. Notably, some of the most remarkable locations are near Ponce City Market and the segment traversing Inman Park.
  • Krog Street Tunnel – For street art enthusiasts, the Krog Street murals offer splendid photography spots in Atlanta. Many vibrant street murals, skillfully crafted by talented artists, await within this vicinity. The ever-evolving nature of the artwork, with artists frequently refreshing and replacing older pieces, ensures each visit brings fresh and captivating opportunities. Serendipitously, you might even have the chance to witness an artist diligently crafting their masterpiece!
  • Ponce City Market – Erected during the mid-1920s and formerly serving as the Atlanta hub for several prominent retail brands, Ponce City Market stands as a historic structure that has undergone recent revitalization. The renovation has transformed it into a hub of numerous dining establishments and retail shops. The ambiance of Ponce City Market retains its historical essence while infusing a contemporary and industrial atmosphere. Notably, The Roof atop Ponce City Market offers panoramic vistas of downtown Atlanta from an elevated perspective. As this is private property, permits may be required for a photoshoot.
  • Bank of America Plaza – Situated within Midtown Atlanta, the Bank of America Plaza is a towering edifice reaching 1,023 feet and finalizing construction in 1992. Its design features an exposed lattice framework supporting the spire, which boasts an outer layer adorned with a 23-karat gold leaf. Remarkably, this building has consistently held status as one of the city’s most emblematic structures since its inception, making it an essential destination for captivating corporate-themed photo opportunities not to be overlooked! Photoshoots may require permits as the plaza is private property.
  • Summerour Studio – Summerour Studio achieves a seamless fusion of history and contemporary aesthetics, serving as a meticulously restored former factory that gazes upon Atlanta’s present-day skyline. Passing through ivy-clad archways upon arrival, you’ll find yourself within a stunning courtyard that rivals the allure of Tuscany’s villas, all within the heart of downtown Atlanta. Renting this venue offers an exceptional choice for couples seeking extraordinary and exquisite wedding backdrops or engagement photos.


Dani Weiss has spent 34 years behind the lens, capturing bar and bat mitzvahs, engagement and wedding shoots, family portraits and reunions, and corporate events. Her mix of talent, hard work, and experience gives Atlanta’s residents a chance at stunning photography.


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