10 Questions to Ask Before Signing with a Staffing Agency

Choosing the right staffing agency is a crucial decision for any business looking to augment its workforce. It’s not just about filling positions but ensuring that the candidates align with the company’s culture and long-term goals. This article will guide you through the 10 essential questions you should ask before signing with a staffing agency, ensuring you partner with a service that truly understands and meets your business needs.

Understanding Staffing Needs and Agency Capabilities

1. What is your experience in my industry? Asking about an agency’s experience in your specific industry is vital. This helps gauge their understanding of the industry’s unique challenges and staffing requirements. An agency well-versed in your field can more effectively source candidates who not only fit the job description but also blend into the industry’s culture.

2. How do you source and screen your candidates? Understanding the sourcing and screening processes the agency uses is crucial. It speaks volumes about the quality of candidates you can expect. Ensure they have a rigorous process that includes background checks, skill assessments, and even preliminary interviews.

3. Can you provide references from companies in my industry? References from other companies in your industry offer insights into the agency’s performance and reliability. Positive feedback from previous clients can give you confidence in their service quality.

Aligning Agency Services with Business Objectives

4. What types of staffing solutions do you offer? Different businesses have different staffing needs, from temporary placements to permanent hires or even executive search. Ensure the agency’s services align with what you’re looking for, whether it’s professional staffing services or more temporary, flexible staffing solutions.

5. How do you handle replacement hires if a candidate doesn’t work out? It’s important to know the agency’s policy on replacement hires. A top staffing agency will have a straightforward process in place to quickly provide a suitable replacement without significant downtime for your business.

6. What are your fees and what do they cover? Understanding the fee structure is crucial before signing any contracts. Clarify what the fees cover, including any additional charges for background checks, skill assessments, and other services.

Evaluating the Agency’s Success and Approach

7. What metrics do you use to measure your success? An agency that uses clear metrics to measure their success, like fill rates, candidate retention rates, and client satisfaction scores, is more likely to be committed to high-quality outcomes.

8. How do you ensure the quality of your placements? Top staffing agencies will have quality assurance processes in place to ensure each placement is a good fit for both the candidate and the employer. This might include satisfaction surveys or regular follow-ups.

9. What makes your agency different from others? This question helps highlight an agency’s unique attributes. Look for answers that align with values important to your business, such as their commitment to ethical practices or innovative talent acquisition services.

10. How will our companies work together to ensure a successful partnership? Effective collaboration is key to any successful partnership. Asking about the working relationship can give you insights into the agency’s communication practices and commitment to client service.


Selecting the right staffing agency involves careful consideration and thorough vetting. By asking these questions, you can ensure that the agency you choose is not only one of the best staffing agencies but also the best fit for your company’s specific needs. With the right partner, you can efficiently meet your staffing demands, securing top talent that drives your business forward.


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