How To Handle An Arrest In The Digital Age

Getting arrested can be one of the most jarring experiences that you have to deal with. The first time a person is arrested, everything from getting bailed out to a bail hearing can be confusing. The aspect that people think about frequently is how this is going to impact their job or potential future job opportunities. Arrest records used to be far more difficult to research but now they are just a few clicks away for a seasoned HR professional. The truth is that people make mistakes and it seems like society is far more forgiving to certain mistakes than others. The following are tips to handle an arrest in the digital age. 

Understand Your Mugshot Could Be Published

States like that of Florida publish mugshots which then are taken from the county websites and put on other websites. The websites then ask for payment to have your mugshot removed. If you are in a state where they do not publish mugshots, there could still be a record of your arrest somewhere online. People with very unique names simply need to search their names to find a mugshot almost instantly. A person named John Smith would have a far better chance of their mugshot or arrest being lost in the shuffle. People in the past did not have to worry about being found by a friend or family member via mugshot search online.

Expungement Is An Option Later 

Future job opportunities might be the first thing on your mind when it comes to your arrest. Even if charges are dropped, the arrest could still be on your record. Finding an expungement lawyer can be very useful if you are willing to invest in improving your reputation. Depending on what you have been charged with, you might have a waiting period before you can have your charge or arrest expunged. Florida is a perfect example as a driver has to wait 75 years after a DUI to have it expunged from their record. 

Remote Job Roles Likely Won’t Need To Know

Remote work is one of the most convenient things to happen to professionals in the last few decades. There is a chance that you have and will never meet a single coworker. Notifying your employer of an arrest in a remote role is not recommended unless it impacts your ability to do your job. Take a look at the employee handbook as there is likely no language about what to do if arrested after being employed. This is an area where you’ll have to make a choice and the charges could be dropped so telling management might be pointless. 

Handling an arrest is all about a proactive approach and staying out of additional trouble. You do not want to break your terms of bail and sit in a cell until your trial comes. Find help if you need it if the arrest was due to some form of substance abuse. A judge or prosecutor might be far more lenient on a first-time offender that immediately sought help after their arrest.

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