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Dem Operative Shares Tweet Calling Gun-Rights Advocates Terrorists

Dem Operative Shares Tweet Calling Gun-Rights Advocates Terrorists

The Democratic Governors Association’s creative director on Monday shared a tweet calling it “terrorism” to legally carry rifles.

Zainab Javed has previously called for guns to be taken away but she took it a step further when she retweeted a left-wing Twitter user saying protesters were engaging in acts of terror by being armed.

“To be clear, this is Terrorism. This isn’t a peaceful protest; they’re amassing this heavily armed for the specific implication that if the Virginia Government doesn’t meet their demands, they will incite violence,” wrote a Twitter user with the handle @PanasonicDX4500.

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Javed and the DGA did not respond to requests for comment.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski spoke to attendees and reported the rally was free of violence and racist displays, tweeting that it “was focused on gun rights.”

NBC also reported that the rally “was largely peaceful, with no reported violence.”

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(Reporting by Cameron Cawthorne)

Cover image: Pro-gun protesters rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Jan. 20, 2020./Zainab Javed. (Screen grabs)

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