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Korean YouTuber Responds to Cultural Appropriation Accusations by Cutting Off Her Braids

Korean YouTuber Responds to Cultural Appropriation Accusations by Cutting Off Her Braids

“that’s true inclusivity. refusal to take part in something until everyone can.”

A Korean YouTube personality responded to accusations that she was appropriating black culture by filming a video last week in which she apologizes and cuts off her braids.

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In March, xoxosophia faced backlash after sharing a video with her more than 30,000 subscribers that shows the Korean vlogger, whose real name is Sophia, trying box braids for the first time.

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셀프로 박스브레이즈 땋기 도전! For the first time, I tried to do box braids on my own. Before I’ve decided to try box braids, I researched a lot of videos such as cultural appropriation, black culture and hair braid culture because I did not want to offend anybody. However, I thought it was inappropriate for me to talk about black culture because I’m not one of them. So the video has failed to include a detailed description regarding the hair braid culture If you are curious about the history of hair braid culture, you might want to check out some other videos. I did leave the links of videos that explains about braid culture that are much more detailed and accurate that I used as a reference below my video Link in bio❣

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While many of the comments in reaction to Sophia’s initial video were complimentary, there were apparently enough criticisms to prompt her to film a followup last week, in which she apologized for appropriating black culture.

“a korean youtuber (xoxosophia) educated herself about dreads, box braids, and cornrows after receiving criticism on her previous video where she got box braids. she then made an apology/informational video about cultural appropriation while removing her braids,” read a since-deleted viral tweet on Twitter explaining the controversy.

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In the new video, Sophia discusses receiving a deluge of comments referencing “cultural appropriation” and explains that she was unfamiliar with the term. But after conducting research, she says she learned that the concept describes “when one group uses other groups’ cultures without any understanding.”

Sophia claimed that many of the beauty standards in the U.S. are “focused on Caucasian cultures.” She also said there were cases of black people in present-day America facing discrimination for wearing Afro-centric hairstyles.

“When people of other races wear these hairstyles, they do it to look cool. But when black people wear it, they get kicked out of work,” Sophia said.

“So, how messed up is that, especially for them?” she added.

Sophia says she paid respect to black culture by braiding her own hair, instead of going to a salon. After expounding on the need to respect cultural customs and refrain from discriminating against others, she is seen in the video removing and cutting her braids.

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Various commenters praised Sophia for her woke-ness, while also touting the validity of the concept of cultural appropriation. When some commenters questioned whether Sophia’s use of the braids was an issue, others pushed back forcefully.

“we’re not there yet. when women are denied jobs, basic respect, good service, etc. because of their hair STILL to this day, no one gets to take it and make it ‘palatable’ and ‘trendy,'” wrote Alabama rapper CHIKA, in a reply to a deleted Twitter thread about the controversy. “that’s true inclusivity. refusal to take part in something until everyone can.”

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“She’ll be accepted for wearing black culture like a costume meanwhile black people won’t be more acceptable because they wear other cultures fashion,” wrote another Twitter user.

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