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‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Rages at Man for Filming Her ‘Journalism’ From Behind

‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Rages at Man for Filming Her ‘Journalism’ From Behind

“I am sending this to my workmates.”

A weather girl angrily confronted a fan after he was caught filming her backside during a live TV segment last week at a coastal resort in Argentina ― but neither he nor the internet reacted as she likely expected. 

Sol Perez, 25, was reporting for Net TV’s “Gente Opinando” when the in-studio presenter, Pollo Alvarez, pointed out in Spanish that a man in the crowd behind her had his smartphone camera pointed at her posterior. Perez then interrupted her journalistic work and turned around to confront the man.

Alternatively dubbed the “world’s hottest weather girl” and “Argentina’s hottest weather girl,” according to the whims of British tabloid writers, Perez was wearing a crop top and booty shorts, so her pirouette ended up exposing the bottom half of her butt cheeks to viewers.

However, she apparently did not want this particular man to take home a recording of the view. 

“Sir, what are you filming?” Perez demanded. 

“I am sending this to my workmates,” the man shamelessly replied. 

Perez persisted: “Okay, but what were you recording? Because I had my back turned. The guys there [in the studio] saw that you were filming things that were not okay to be filmed.”

“And are you going to let me stand over there to film?” the man responded, unbowed and possibly still recording. 

“No, if you are recording general footage from here okay, but if you are recording my bum, look …,” Perez said, seemingly unsure how to continue.

That ended the televised exchange, but the conversation continued online as the video began making the rounds.

Some cheered Perez for refusing to be subjected to the dreaded “male gaze.” One Twitter user wrote: “Look guys, she can wear what she wants and does have the right to confront creeps, stop victim blaming.”

But the usually eager social justice warriors of Twitter were mostly silent. Most commenters, in both Spanish and English, seemed to feel that Perez had little room to complain given that she was flaunting her assets both to bystanders and TV viewers.

A number of people suggested that her sartorial choices invited attention to her body.

Others noted that Perez has made a career out of showing off her shapely butt and breasts, including for her nearly 4 million Instagram followers. In fact, on Monday, she posted a photo of herself topless in a pool, which was quickly picked up by the Brits.

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The televised showdown and its aftermath evoked an ongoing debate about female sexuality. While left and right agree that women should be treated decently regardless of how they dress, many liberals have taken to celebrating “sluttiness” as a form of female empowerment. Conservatives have generally been unimpressed with the trend.

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Cover image: Sol Perez. (Screen grabs from YouTube/Instagram)

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