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Singing Trump Supporters Say Kavanaugh Is the ‘True Rape Victim’

Singing Trump Supporters Say Kavanaugh Is the ‘True Rape Victim’

“The true rapers here are the Democrats.”

On Wednesday, a musical group known as The Deplorable Choir uploaded a song that takes aim at Democrats over their willingness to hear accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Most of the group’s songs are in a country western style. Their latest, self-published, single is entitled “Pull Up Your Pants.” The song begins with a spoken word lead-in featuring the lead performer saying, “This is for the Democrats.”

Some of the lyrics featured in the song include, “Pull up your pants”, “Remember BJ Bill in that Oval Office”, “Pull up your pants”, “It’s only me too when it works for them”, “Pull up your pants”, “Your dirty tricks are showing”, and “Pull up your pants.”

The main theme of the musical number seems to suggest that the singers would like for Democrats to consider pulling up their pants because they, like Republicans, are imperfect.

The serenade closes out with some enthusiastic riffing that includes lines like, “The true rapers here are the Democrats,” because they “Don’t want to put someone one the supreme court that will stop millions of babies from being murdered.”

The group, who pulls their name from Hillary Clinton’s infamous description of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” wears moniker as a badge of honor.

The Deplorable Choir’s website is home to a merchandise store. Their store peddles screen printed t-shirts featuring mottos like “Trust in God But Vote Republican,” “I (heart) Wine & Trump” and “Damn Deplorable” emblazoned across the front.

So far, the group has only performed on Twitter and Youtube, where their video currently stands at more than 3.5 thousand views. It is unknown at this time whether The Deplorable Choir plans to embark on a world tour.

Republicans and conservatives have rallied to Kavanaugh’s defense in the face of multiple sexual assault allegations made against him.

Mainstream conservatives such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell referred to the allegations as a “​shameless smear campaign” perpetrated by the Democrats. President Donald Trump ​called the allegations a “big, fat con job.”

More extreme elements of the right, like the Deplorable Choir, have been even more bullish in their defense of the Supreme Court nominee.

Cover image: The Deplorable Choir. (Screen grab from YouTube)

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