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‘Radical Feminist’ Lesbian Warns Conservatives Not to Believe Trans Women: They’re All Men

‘Radical Feminist’ Lesbian Warns Conservatives Not to Believe Trans Women: They’re All Men

“Women’s rights in general will utterly disappear.”

Kara Dansky, an iconoclast and self-described “radical feminist,” on Monday criticize transgender activists as a “men’s rights movement.”

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Dansky, a lawyer and spokeswoman for the Women’s Liberation Front, was speaking at a panel sponsored by the Heritage Foundation against the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Equality Act, a pro-LGBT bill intended to increase the government’s power to prosecute discrimination on the basis of gender identity. By loosening the legal definition of gender, the bill could prove, the panel argued, devastating to the identity and experience of cis-LGBT people.

“This is a men’s rights movement — this is really a men’s rights movement,” she said, arguing that the bill could lead to renewed discrimination against women.

Her argument echoed claims by a subset of feminists (dubbed derogatorily as “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” or “TERFs”) who worry that diluting the line between the two traditional genders will allow biological men (who identify as women) to arrogate spaces that once served as a protected haven for biological women. This intuition previously led Dansky to fight against former President Barack Obama’s push for gender-neutral bathrooms in high schools.

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“If sex is construed to mean ‘gender identity,’ what that means is nearly all sex-segregated spaces — colleges, sports, dormitories — and women’s rights in general will utterly disappear,” Dansky said on the panel. “It is not possible to both enshrine gender identity in civil rights law and protect women and girls as a distinct legal category.”

Also on the panel was Julia Beck, a lesbian and long-time LGBTQ activist. Beck was involved with Baltimore’s LGBTQ Commission last year, pursuing an “unapologetically” pro-women agenda. That put her on a collision course with transgender activists, who eventually had her pushed her off the commission.

“I got kicked off the Baltimore mayor’s LGBTQ commission — as the only lesbian — simply for stating biological facts. I was found guilty of ‘violence.’ My crime? Using male pronouns to talk about a convicted male rapist who identifies as transgender and prefers female pronouns,” Beck said Monday.

Beck was alluding to the case of Karen White, a British transgender woman who, after being jailed in a women’s prison, went on to sexually assault other female inmates.

“Oh no, it is far more criminal for me to call a male rapist ‘he’ than it is for him to rape,” Beck said sardonically.

“Everything is about the ‘T’ now, entirely eclipsing the ‘L,’ ‘G,’ and ‘B,'” she said. “The ‘T’ is diametrically opposed to the first three letters in the acronym, and especially to the ‘L.'”

“We are losing an entire generation of sisters to this madness. That’s why it’s personal. It’s infuriating. It’s devastating,” Beck added.

The LGBTQ movement has won rapid social acceptance (just take a moment to ponder the fact of the Heritage Foundation sponsoring a panel of lesbians and radical feminists). And so internal tensions between the different identity groups covered under the broader movement’s umbrella have comes to the fore.

Transgender activists believe that people who can’t relate to their biological sex remain the most discriminated sub-group. Against them are feminists and cis-lesbians and homosexuals who fear that the endgame of transgender activism is the erasure of their own unique lived experience.

At the same time, the aggressive sensitivity of progressivism has made this whole debate very challenging, with any departure from liberal orthodoxy being chalked up to reprehensible (and — in some countries — criminal) bigotry.

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Cover image: Kara Dansky speaking at a Heritage Foundation panel on Jan. 28, 2019. (Courtesy of The Heritage Foundation)

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