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Vegan Activist Brags She ‘Rescued’ 16 Rabbits ― Turns Out She Caused the Deaths of 100 Others

Vegan Activist Brags She ‘Rescued’ 16 Rabbits ― Turns Out She Caused the Deaths of 100 Others

A vegan activist who claimed to have “rescued” 16 rabbits from a farm last week reportedly ended up causing the deaths of about 100 other rabbits in the process, most of them babies. 

The Barcelon-based animal rights activist, who goes by “Mythical Mia” on social media, appeared in a Sept. 1 Instagram video with a red substance smeared on her cheek. She said angry farmers had just attacked her after she liberated the rabbits from their property.

“I’m covered in blood. This is what the farmers have done,” she said in what sounded like a British accent. “They shot through our window and chased us down the motorway. Oh my God, I’m literally covered in blood.”

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According to Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Mythical Mia’s rescue operation was real. She was among some 50 animal-rights activists who stole 16 of the 3,000 rabbits on a farm near Osono, Spain, and fled after being confronted by a group of local farmers.

However, authorities said that 14 of the stolen rabbits were lactating or pregnant, and veterinarians were forced to euthanize about 90 babies that were left behind. At the same time, five pregnant rabbits were killed during the activists’ raid ― some due to having their spines broken― and others miscarried due to the stress, according to a vet’s report on the incident.

Mythical Mia posts an update after killing 100 rabbits

Mythical Mia, whose real name is unknown, later posted an update on Instagram saying that the 16 rabbits had been placed in homes. She called them “the lucky ones,” and bemoaned that she had to leave “thousands of mothers and babies behind.”

“[The others] will be trapped inside those cages for their entire lives. Their only escape is when they are shipped off to a slaughterhouse to be murdered for their flesh and fur,” she said, adding that they could also be used for animal testing or kept as pets in “solitary confinement.”

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“What we do to the animals need to end immediately. This injustice has gone on far too long. We will continue to enter in these facilities to expose these horrors and liberate the beings trapped inside for as long as it takes. We are not going anywhere. Join us in our fight, be vegan, be active and let’s put an end to this once and for all.”

Mythical Mia’s Instagram account has been made private since Monday morning. Earlier attempts by the press to contact her were unsuccessful.

On Twitter, the news of the dead rabbits provoked some derision of Mythical Mia.

Conservative commentators Ian Miles Cheong commented, “Environmentalism in a nutshell.”

Radical animal rights activism and radical environmentalism do tend to overlap, given their shared concern with human abuse of the natural world.

While most animal rights activists do not resort to crime, many endorse the radical equation of human and animal life. Vegan actress Natalie Portman, for one, has compared the meat industry to the Nazi Holocaust and argued that feminism should include female cows and chickens.

Cover image: Mythical Mia speaks on an Instagram video on Sept. 1, 2019./An illustrative image of a baby rabbit. (Screen grabs)

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