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Twitter Slams Parents of 10-Year-Old Drag Queen for ‘Child Abuse’

Twitter Slams Parents of 10-Year-Old Drag Queen for ‘Child Abuse’

“If you don’t see that this child is being exploited then ideology has possessed you to the core.”

Twitter users reacted with outrage to a video story about a 10-year-old drag queen published Tuesday by the Huffington Post.

The liberal news website said the Twitter video was in honor of Pride Month, which ended in June.

“As Pride month comes to a close, Desmond Is Amazing, the ten-year-old drag kid from New York, is proof that the future is queer,” the tweet said.

“Desmond Is Amazing” introduces himself in the video as a “drag kid” who lives in New York City.” His real name is not disclosed.

“Hi, I’m Desmond Is Amazing. I’m 10-years-old, and I’m a drag kid, and I live in New York City, and I’m an LGBTQ activist and advocate,” he says.

Desmond Is Amazing wears a yellow bob wig with mouse ears, dark lipstick and eyeshadow, gothic jewelry, a sparkly blue dress, and platform boots.

He says he discovered drag when he was 2-years-old by watching “Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” and moved on to “little dresses” and later to making his own drag outfits.

“Drag is a form of expression and being yourself, and dressing however you want, and looking fierce no matter what you’re wearing, even if your eyeliner went down and it’s like so bad, you still look fierce,” he says.

“My motto is be yourself always, but I like to add this on: No matter what anyone says, and pay haters no mind ’cause they’re not as fierce as you.”

Many Twitter commenters condemned the boy’s parents for not setting boundaries or accused HuffPo of using him to further a liberal agenda.

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist and a public intellectual who has made a name for himself criticizing progressive ​culture as ​emasculating and ​oppressive, weighed in Monday, saying: “If you don’t see that this child is being exploited then ideology has possessed you to the core.”

He was responding to a similar tweet Sunday by Playboy columnist Debra Soh.

“I love drag queens, but this is not right,” she said. “If this were a little girl, @HuffPost would be calling it sexist & the fault of the patriarchy.”

After the video’s intro, Desmond Is Amazing provides viewers with tips on how to get started in drag, as the video cuts to clips of him transforming from a blond boy with a crew cut to a “drag kid.” He puts on makeup and strikes pouty poses in the mirror.

“If you want to do drag, just start off with a little wig, and some lip gloss, and a little T-shirt and a little skirt, and some heels or sneakers, whatever, ” he explains. “You can be a drag queen no matter what.”

He says he’s always felt free to be himself, “because of my supporting mom and dad.”

“Say hi, mom,” he adds, which she does from off camera. “That’s my mom, and I love her to death.”

Cover image: Desmond Is Amazing. (Huffington Post)

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