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Liberals Try to Emasculate Trump With Twitter Campaign – Realize They’re Being ‘Transphobic’

Liberals Try to Emasculate Trump With Twitter Campaign – Realize They’re Being ‘Transphobic’

An advocate for transgender rights criticized on Monday social media users who mocked President Donald Trump by depicting him with makeup and earrings.

The controversy stemmed from a Sunday night Twitter feud, in which Trump called model Chrissy Teigen “filthy mouthed,” and she responded with a string of insults.

Trump criticized Teigen and her husband, singer John Legend, after Legend appeared on an MSNBC town hall on criminal justice hosted by Lester Holt.

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Teigen responded by ridiculing Trump for not tagging her in the post, suggesting he lacked the courage and calling him a “p—- b—-.” In a followup tweet, Teigen noted that she had no role in the MSNBC special before again calling Trump a “b—-.”

Legend also weighed in, suggesting that Trump is needy, and bringing the first lady into the fight.

Trump’s critics seized on Teigen’s comments, and started a hashtag campaign in an attempt to get #PresidentPussyAssBitch to trend on Twitter.

As part of the campaign some users shared mocking photos of Trump, which had been altered to depict the president wearing earrings and makeup.

“You’re taking trans people down with this too”

Some onlookers were disturbed that Trump’s ostensibly progressive critics would resort to gender stereotypes to mock the president as emasculated.

Amelia Gapin, a transgender software engineer who co-founded an organization that helps trans individuals navigate the healthcare system, said Trump’s critics were “taking trans people down” along with the president.

Gapin made clear that she bears no love for Trump, but urged Twitter users to leave her and her trans brethren “out of it.”

“When you put Trump in makeup, you’re saying that men who dress as woman and wear makeup are inherently a joke. Transgender women are not men, but y’all see us as just men in a dress and makeup so you see us the same way you are depicting Trump here,” Gapin averred.

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In a followup tweet, Gapin added: “So if it’s funny when you depict Trump like this, then you also think it’s funny that any trans people exist.”

Several users agreed with her. And one even argued that, more broadly, Teigen’s comments contained hints of misogyny.

Cover image: A photoshopped meme of President Donald Trump. (Twitter)

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