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Transgender YouTuber Reveals Disturbing Reasons Not to Get a Sex Change

Transgender YouTuber Reveals Disturbing Reasons Not to Get a Sex Change

“Literally, for years after that, I thought that is what a sex change would smell like.”

Transgender YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous admitted that she recently backed out of sex reassignment surgery at the last minute because she wasn’t ready “to get mutilated” – and she had seen things go awry for too many others.

In her latest YouTube video, Gigi, 26, said she felt “really, really strongly” about having the surgery last year after she finished her upcoming memoir, “He Said, She Said.” But then the doubts kicked in.

“Like, I have been through some pretty scary things in my life surgically,” she said. “But this just seemed so hard to overcome and intimidating, and just, like, body mutilating.”

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Based on a recommendation, Gigi went to Thailand with a friend to have the procedure. During her consultation with the surgeon, though, she noticed that the facilities were not as state-of-the-art as she had been led to believe.

“Me and my friend are giving each other eyes the whole time,” she recalled. “I feel like I am seeing tumbleweeds and clay walls.”

The next morning, Gigi woke up and canceled the vaginoplasty, which would have seen her penis turned inside out and fashioned into a vagina.

“I would only want to do this one time. For the love of God,” she said. “I don’t want to get mutilated twice down there.”

But it wasn’t just the Thai standard of care that put off Gigi. She said she had seen what a subpar operation can do to a transgender woman’s genitals.

“I have had a lot of friends who have gotten the surgery. I’ve seen a lot of vaginas — post-vaginas — and some are gorge and functioning and some are not so gorge,” she said. “Obviously, it goes without saying, I want a gorge, functioning vagina.”

In her experience, she said, there can also be issues with odor.

“She opened the door and a wall of smell and fog hit my face from her using the toilet. It’s not funny because that’s beyond her control, obviously. Something was going on down there,” she said. “Literally, for years after that, I thought that is what a sex change would smell like.”

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Gigi, who was born Gregory Lazzarato, noted that she has already taken a lot of irreversible steps in her transition. In 2014, a year after coming out as transgender, she legally changed her name to Giselle Loren Lazzarato.

Over the years, she has had various medical interventions, including a tracheal shave to reduce the appearance of an Adam’s apple, hormone replacement therapy, facial feminization surgery, electrolysis to remove hair, and a breast augmentation.

Gigi said she thought she would do the gender reassignment surgery right away because it would “complete” her. But she soon decided it was OK to wait a couple months, which turned into years.

“Now, I’ve still not gotten the surgery and it’s not because I can’t. I could get it tomorrow if I wanted,” she said. “It is a very, very, very scary, intense surgery obviously, a sex change is probably one of the craziest things you can do to your body.”

Even though Gigi has no immediate plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery, she and her fiance, Nats Getty, are looking into freezing their sperm and eggs, she said, because they were trying to conceive, but had “no luck whatsoever.”

Gigi is not the first transgender woman to open up about the dark side of sex reassignment. Transgender reality TV star Jazz Jennings recently let the cameras follow her as she went through with the operation.

Although Jennings experienced serious complications, including “wound separation,” she assured parents of transgender kids that hers was “very rare” experience in what she called “life-saving operations.”

However, in rare cases, people who undergo sex reassignment live to regret it.

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