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San Diego Raises Transgender Pride Flag Alongside American Flag at City Hall

San Diego Raises Transgender Pride Flag Alongside American Flag at City Hall

For the first time ever, San Diego is raising the transgender pride flag at city hall.

The blue and pink flag, which is being hoisted for the entire week of Nov. 18 in recognition of Transgender Awareness Week, sits alongside the United States and California state flags, NBC affiliate KNSD reported.

San Diego City Councilman Chris Ward told KNDS that the raising of the flag is meant to show members of the local transgender community that the city supports them.

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“We are sending a message to the community that they are not forgotten, they will not be erased and they are part of the fabric of San Diego,” he said.


“We are a very diverse and broad spectrum of individuals. The ability to be able to understand that people can be non-binary. They don’t necessarily identify as male or female is something that’s important to them as an individual and something we support as public officials,” Ward added.

Ward said the city is “conscious of the particular challenges that that community has in discrimination issues, on housing, on healthcare, on employment services and particularly the violence that has impacted, disproportionately, on members of that community.”

San Diego has expressed solidarity with LGBT groups in the past. Last year, the city council adopted a resolution opposing the Trump administration’s transgender military ban, KNDS reported.

San Diego isn’t the only city to make a political statement with a city hall flag raising

Last month, Philadelphia raised the flag of China at city hall to honor the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Mayor Jim Kenney’s office said the move was intended to promote diversity.

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“[T]he flag raisings are not a sign of support for any specific government, political party, or movement,” Kenney’s office told the Epoch Times in a statement. “Rather, they are an opportunity … for people with shared heritage to celebrate their backgrounds and experiences.”

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