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Transgender Hero Turns Back on Community in Damning Expose: It’s All a ‘Sham’

Transgender Hero Turns Back on Community in Damning Expose: It’s All a ‘Sham’

“Quacks hid me in the women’s bathroom with people’s wives and daughters.”

A former transgender activist reclaimed his manhood and renounced the movement that until recently hailed him as a hero.

In an essay Sunday in The Daily Signal – “I Was America’s First Nonbinary Person. It Was All a Sham” – Jamie Shupe, 55, said he had been “psychotic” during the years he believed he was a woman ñ and then gender nonbinary. There are only two sexes, which are determined by biology, he said.

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While Shupe said that he paid a mental and physical price for “the grand medical experiment,” he was grateful that he had stopped short of gender reassignment surgery.

“‘I’m one of the lucky ones,” he said. “Despite participating in medical transgenderism for six years, my body is still intact.”

Shupe attributed his past gender confusion to a lifetime of trauma, including childhood physical and sexual abuse and 18 years of military service. He has previously said that he has post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

However, Shupe also blamed progressive ideology for leading him astray, saying professionals who should have known better encouraged his delusions rather than helping him to address his psychological problems.

“I do not have any disorders of sexual development. All of my sexual confusion was in my head,” he said. “I should have been treated. Instead, at every step, doctors, judges, and advocacy groups indulged my fiction.”

According to Shupe, he became convinced he was a man during a mental health crisis and subsequently pressured a nurse to prescribe him hormones so he could transition.

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“I should have been stopped, but out-of-control, transgender activism had made the nurse practitioner too scared to say no,” he said.

Then, he said, he started therapy at a gender clinic in Pittsburgh so he could get approved for gender reassignment surgery. However, rather than treating him, he said, “quacks in the medical community hid me in the women’s bathroom with people’s wives and daughters.”

Shupe said the truth is that he identified as transgender because he was sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a woman – a theory called “autogynephilia” that is loathed by transgender rights activists.

“After having watched pornography for years while in the Army and being married to a woman who resisted my demands to become the ideal female, I became that female instead,” he said. “At least in my head.

In 2015, Shupe wrote an essay about his experience that was published in The New York Times, in which he complained: “I have effectively traded my white male privilege to become one of Americaís most hated minorities.”

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But three years into his transition, Shupe said, he realized he wasn’t really a woman. He said that recognition was underscored by how he looked to himself and others.

“I didn’t look anything like a female,” he said. “People on the street agreed. Their harsh stares reflected the reality behind my fraudulent existence as a woman. Biological sex is immutable.”

“Gender is just a concept. Biological sex defines all of us,” he added later in the essay.

However, Shupe said that rather than admit his mistake at the time, he decided to become gender nonbinary. He went to two of his doctors and asked them to vouch for his new identity, or in his words to “bail me out.”

“The two weren’t just bailing me out,” he added. “They were getting themselves off the hook for my failed sex change.”

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In 2016, Shupe made history by convincing an Oregon judge to recognize him as neither male nor female, becoming the first American to win official gender nonbinary status. The judge asked him no questions during the hearing.

“In my psychotic mind, I had restored the mythical third sex to North America,” he said.

Shupe recounted that he achieved “instant fame within the LGBT community,” with his story making international headlines.

Ten other states have since followed Oregon’s lead.

With the help of an LGBT legal aide group, Shupe soon set another precedent by getting a gender-neutral birth certificate issued by Washington, D.C., where he was born. It was a first for the federal district.

That same year, another transgender military veteran cited Shupe’s case in Colorado district court to win the right to a gender-neutral passport, though the State Department has appealed the decision.

Shupe said he began to break with the transgender movement in 2017, when he came out against gender reassignment surgery, which he described as “sterilization and mutilation.”

“Overnight, I went from being a liberal media darling to a conservative pariah,” he said.

Earlier this year, Shupe announced that he was returning to life as a man.

“The weight of the lie on my conscience was heavier than the value of the fame Iíd gained from participating in this elaborate swindle,” he said. “Two fake gender identities couldn’t hide the truth of my biological reality. There is no third gender or third sex.”

Shupe is not alone in regretting his transition. While good longterm data does not yet exist, experts and journalists have documented the phenomenon of “desistance” from transgenderism.

However, that has not stopped some transgender activists from trying to silence people like Shupe by accusing them of bigotry. Similar tactics have been used to censor other truths that are antithetical to the movement, including the reality of biological differences between men and men.

In response, an unlikely coalition of conservatives and feminists has formed to protect traditional gender distinctions in the name of social order and women’s safety.

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