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Transgender Couple Seeks ‘Kind Stranger’ to Inject Wife’s Sperm Into: We’re Totally Normal

Transgender Couple Seeks ‘Kind Stranger’ to Inject Wife’s Sperm Into: We’re Totally Normal

“We live in a very interesting time in the trans movement.”

A famous British transgender reached out to their countrywomen in search of a surrogate mother last week on ITV’s morning show “Lorraine.”

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Hannah and Jake Graf have been talking about starting a family since soon after he proposed in 2017. Now, they said, they’re looking for a biological woman who will give them the “ultimate gift” of birthing to their kid.

“At the moment we’re just playing the waiting game and hope someone will give us that ultimate gift and give us the chance,” said Graf, an actor who recently played a cis-man in the literary biopic “Collette.”

He told host Lorraine Kelly that their inability to get pregnant on their own has not been easy.

“When you think all our friends are trying and we can’t try and we’re hoping a very kind stranger who will hopefully become a friend can help,” he said. “It’s the ultimate gift to give someone a child which I have wanted for so many years.”

The process, they assured British viewers (ever invidious for the United Kingdom’s enervated National Health Service), will be completely self-funded.

“Historically people have been incredibly careful [with surrogacy],” he said. “We’re funding it all ourselves, but there is a very small pool of surrogates, and we didn’t now where to go. We’re just hoping people are listening and willing to come forward.”

Addressing the bigger picture, Hannah Graf told Kelly that “we live in a very interesting time in the trans movement, where we have both come out in a place where we’re welcomed and supported by our friends and have been able to put out this positive message of who we are.”

As advocates for the normalization of transgenderism, the couple have been making many public appearances, noting that being accepted by another person with gender dysphoria — a condition in which an individual does not identify with their biological sex — was a fringe benefit of their relationship.

“The trans thing actually just makes certain things easier and when we’re having a dysphoric moment, that just kind of makes it easier and more relatable,” Jake Graf told PinkNews in December. “But that’s not why we are, you know, together and why we’re in love.”

But Hannah Graf, a high-ranking police officer in the British Army who has undergone gender reassignment surgery, emphasized that their goal of as advocates is making transgenderism as much of a non-issue as possible.

“I think it’s worth pointing out that we’re not saying that trans people can only date other trans people — quite far from it — it’s just a situation that worked for us.”

The movement for transgender rights has been ascendant in the United States and the United Kingdom, winning increasing legal and social recognition for the community it represents.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently promised to use her new Democratic majority to advance the Equality Act, a bill that would codify protections against LGBT discrimination, including special guarantees for trans people to be regarded in federal spaces according to their self-identified gender rather than their biological sex.


However, not everyone has gotten on board. A number of “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” as they are derogatorily called on the left, last week sought to block the Equality Act by aligning with conservatives and in one case ambushing a transgender woman who was advocating for the bill on Capitol Hill.

Cover image: Jake and Hannah Graf talking to Lorraine Kelly on “Lorraine,” Jan. 31, 2019. (Screen grab from ITV)


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