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Foster Family Accused of Making Their Kids Transgender – Youngest Is Only 3-Years-Old

Foster Family Accused of Making Their Kids Transgender – Youngest Is Only 3-Years-Old

“Unheard of in my experience.”

Local U.K. child services officials have launched an investigation into foster parents who are believed to have “manipulated” their children into identifying as transgender.

During a closed hearing in Lancashire, England last month, a family court heard that the foster couple sent the 3-year-old boy to school dressed in girl’s clothes, The Spectator reported. The parents, identified in court documents as CP and TP, were “expressly” asked by teachers not to send the boy to school wearing girl’s clothing, but they ignored the instructions.

The court heard that the couple’s youngest biological son – now daughter – transitioned at the age of 7, while his parents took steps to change his legal name and passport. A child who was once fostered by CP and TP is now said to be experiencing “gender identity issues.”

Judge Justice Williams, dismissed the concerns of Lancashire County Council social workers regarding the children’s “early transitions” and ruled that the parents could retain custody of the five children in their care. Three of the children are fostered and two of them are biological.

Williams relied on the expert opinion of psychologist Vickie Pasterski in making his decision. Pasterski works at the private London Transgender Clinic. According to Pasterski, the children’s gender dysphoria had not been caused by “interpersonal influence or environmental interference” and was biological in nature. Williams found that the children had not “suffered or are at risk of suffering significant emotional harm arising from their complete social transition to females occurring at a very young age” and said Pasterski had “compellingly” rebutted social service authorities’ allegations.

As The Spectator noted, Pasterski’s position presents a potential conflict of interest considering that, unlike the National Health Service, private clinics in the United Kingdom see more profits by handling more patients.

According to the New Zealand Herald, experts from London’s Tavistock Centre, a gender identity clinic that is part of the NHS, disagree with Pasterki’s view. In a recent paper, the organization’s head of clinical psychology wrote that “younger gender-atypical children are likely to be more easily influenced by their parents’ view about gender, even to the point of assuming an absolute, long-term commitment to a binary gender identity and a social transition.”

One clinician from the Tavistock Centre told the Sunday Times it was “unheard of in my experience” to have two children so young undergoing a gender identity transition in the same family.

The Tavistock Centre has itself faced scrutiny that it is rushing young children into transitions without adequately examining the reasons behind their desire to change genders. In November of 2018, a senior staff member at the Gender Identity Development Service at Tavistock alleged some children at the center were not being properly evaluated before being referred for hormone treatment.

Some experts have warned that with the rise of woke culture, parents, educators, and others have become too eager to support children’s claims to be transgender. However, LGBT activists have tended to reject such claims as backwards, often denouncing those who question the transgender rights movement as bigots.

In a recent lawsuit, Oregon parents alleged a teacher pushed a second-grade boy to “come out” as transgender after noticing that he wasn’t using the boys’ restroom at school.

According to the lawsuit, in April 2018, the teacher at Nellie Muir Elementary School became concerned that the 8-year-old was using the staff restroom. Assuming he must secretly identify as female, she allegedly developed a lesson plan “in an effort to promote [him] becoming transgender.”

In reality, the boy and his parents had arranged for him to use the staff restroom because he had a digestion-related medical condition.

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