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Women Forced to Live With Transgender Convict: Don’t Worry, She Only Likes Young Girls

Women Forced to Live With Transgender Convict: Don’t Worry, She Only Likes Young Girls

“These are women, they weren’t girls.”

A transgender sex offender who took advantage of young girls in supermarket restrooms was sent to live in a women-only halfway house.

Last month, Katie Dolatowski, 18, admitted in Scottish court to sexual assault and voyeurism in two incidents last year. She was put on probation and ordered not to have contact with children.

In March, she forced a 10-year-old girl into a restroom and ordered her to take off her pants, saying there was a man outside who would kill her mother. The girl managed to escape. In February, Dolatowski covertly filmed a 12-year-old girl on the toilet from an adjacent stall.

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Asked by The Times how Dolatowski could pass a risk assessment to live with women given her criminal record, a spokeswoman for the local council said: “These are women, they weren’t girls.”

She said the Fife Council had followed the National Accommodation Strategy for Sex Offenders. But according to The Times, neither that law nor any other required the move. Dolatowski has since reportedly been moved to her own housing.

The council added in a statement: “Not all transgender women can be treated the same. This person’s needs were assessed as being best addressed by placing her in a specialised resource. It was the best option available at the time she was released from prison.”

To legally change gender in Scotland, a person must be diagnosed with gender dysphoria and show that they have lived as that gender for two years.

When it comes to prisons, the United Kingdom recently changed its policy on transgender inmates, ending continued access to women’s areas for many trans convicts. The shift was a response to high-profile sexual assaults of women prisoners by a convicted transgender sex offender.

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However, both Scotland and the United Kingdom are considering legislation that would allow people to identify their own gender, rather than require a doctor’s stamp, and be treated accordingly by the government.

In the United States, the situation is similar. Prisons have recently taken a more conservative approach to housing transgender inmates in women’s prisons. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to use her new House majority to advance the Equality Act, a bill that would codify protections against LGBT discrimination, including special guarantees for trans people to be regarded in federal spaces according to their self-identified gender rather than their biological sex.

However, not everyone has gotten on board. A number of “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” as they are derogatorily called on the left, late last month sought to block the Equality Act by aligning with conservatives and in one case ambushing a transgender woman who was advocating for the bill on Capitol Hill.

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Cover image: An illustrative image of a transgender inmate. (Screen grab from YouTube)

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