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Transgender Celeb Refuses to Be Oppressed by Science: Women’s Penises Are ‘Biologically Female’

Transgender Celeb Refuses to Be Oppressed by Science: Women’s Penises Are ‘Biologically Female’

“Someone failed biology.”

Transgender model and actress Indya Moore confidently tweeted Sunday that women can have penises and those penises are “biologically female.”

Some supporters, including in the LGBT presscheered Moore’s creative reinterpretation of science. But other Twitter users teamed up to school her on basic biology. It was a lesson that she couldn’t seem to deny, but also struggled to accept.

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The discussion actually started earlier in the day when Moore tweeted simply: “Trans women are biological women,” adding: “It’s not rocket science, ovaries, uteruses, fallopian tubes or chromosomes. Chill cis.”

To bolster her case, Moore cited a 2017 Facebook post by a lesbian high school biology teacher, who argued that science could not be used to deny transgenderism because the biological differences between sexes can get blurry in some “weird” cases.

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Later, Moore explained her reasoning when it comes to the gender of anatomy, which was basically that a person who identifies as a woman confers femininity on her entire body, including whatever genitalia she might possess.

Asked Tuesday if she also believes in male vaginas, Moore confirmed that she does. For the record, Moore no longer has her penis. She would seemingly consider her surgically formed vagina a female organ.

Regardless of what one high school biology teacher might think, human sex differences are clearly established by biology – and a lot of people pointed that out. As criticism mounted, Moore deployed a tactic common among transgender activists: She praised her supporters for appreciating her “ground breaking” ideas and dismissed her critics as bigots.

By Wednesday she was denying that she even really cared what science had to say about gender, calling biology “cis centered” and averring that “trans people don’t need science to validate us.”

She eventually came close to admitting she had been wrong while still insisting that the blowback was “vindictive.” “People say scientifically inaccurate things all the time,” she protested.

Soon, though, Moore was back to citing the authority of science, quoting from a 2018 Brazilian study that found differences between the brains of transgender and cisgender people. What that has to do with the gender of penises is unclear.

Moore is not alone in following her activism on behalf of transgender rights and recognition into denial of basic biological science.

Also Sunday, world champion transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon responded to an op-ed by Martina Navratilova against letting transgender women compete against their biological counterparts by tweeting: “I am a biological woman.”

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But McKinnon refused to debate the the nine-time Wimbledon champion and instead compared her to a Ku Klux Klan member.

On Wednesday, LGBT advocacy group Athlete Ally cut ties with Navratilova, a pioneering lesbian athlete, accusing her of being “transphobic,” ignorant of “science and data,” and a threat to the safety of transgender people.

Meanwhile, as Pluralist went to press, Moore was seemingly un-ironically accusing her critics of being “obsessed with people’s genitals.”

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