Pluralist - TLC Travel Staff and Steve Ludders: Murkiness Abound

TLC Travel Staff and Steve Ludders: Murkiness Abound

The exploitation of good faith is sadly something we see too often in business. But that’s one of the reasons it’s also so critical to shed light on those actors in the commercial business world who seek to take advantage of others’ good faith and attempt to leave them unpaid and unfulfilled. As Louis D Brandeis famously said, it is sunlight that is the best of disinfectants. For that reason, The story of TLC Travel Staff and Steve Ludders is indeed one that has many independent sources asking a whole litany of questions. 

While it’s no secret the travel nurse staffing industry exploded during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s also well known that many of these businesses now face themselves with situations where demand for their services on the part of hospitals and other healthcare providers has diminished severely. Some of these companies have been left with situations where they are scrambling for cash in an effort to even make payroll.

As credit has tightened and banks have tightened up on their willingness to provide capital to merchants, good-faith providers of capital to hard-working merchants such as Kings Funding Group have come to the fore. But whereas a company with as positive a track record as Kings Funding Group has been treated by merchants with nothing but requests for renewals and expressions of appreciation for providing them with the scarcest commodity they need in these uncertain times; Mr. Ludders and TLC Travel Staff believe they are in a position to be able to take advantage of their good faith. 

So let’s backup for a moment. While there will be an investigative series on Ludders’ current bad-faith behavior with Kings Funding Group unfolding over the next 72 hours independent of this news-site, let’s be sure to explain to our readers the tactic Ludders is seeking to employ in order to avail TLC Travel Staff of paying back the monies they were advanced in good faith by Kings Funding Group. 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were advanced to TLC Travel Staff by Kings Funding Group over the course of the last few weeks alone. These monies were apparently desperately needed by the company and while we have three independent sources providing us with different theories as to the purpose of this capital; it appears that these theories lead to more questions than answers about TLC and Ludders’ practices. 

But what Ludders and TLC Travel Staff has done in the last week calls into question his fiduciary prowess of a company that’s revenue is supposedly in excess of $17 million annually (at least as of the last year). After receiving the funding, Ludders chose to close the company’s bank account in a swift manner, in order to prevent Kings Funding Group from continuing to debit the bank account as per their agreement for the monies they are rightfully entitled to. This sort of tactic raises all sorts of questions about the ways in which TLC Travel Staff does business. But moreover, there are serious issues that we will be unveiling over the next 48 hours about the true motives behind Ludders’ actions toward Kings Funding Group; and why he needed the capital to begin with. What was Ludders trying to accomplish with this sudden influx of cash? Is there a sale of the company that was attempting to be facilitated?

We will be addressing all of these questions and more in a series of stories we’ll be unveiling over the next few days. Stay tuned

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