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With Women on #SexStrike, Feminist Journalist Seizes Chance to Finally Get Laid

With Women on #SexStrike, Feminist Journalist Seizes Chance to Finally Get Laid

“Crossed the picket line and im not ashamed.”

Liberal journalist Talia Lavin saw her opportunity, and she took it – Alyssa Milano be damned.

Amid a declared feminist #SexStrike to protest mounting efforts for U.S. states to restrict abortion, Lavin proudly declared Monday that she had found a man to have sex with her. She said she felt no shame about betraying her fellow women, who according to the rules of the strike, are supposed to be denying men their bodies.

Apparently, Lavin’s desire to get laid was enough to trump even her well-documented antipathy toward conservative men.

Milano, an actress and feminist activist who launched the #SexStrike last week, made an appearance in Lavin’s replies to give her blessing to the transgression in the form of a heart-eye emoji.

Lavin, who has worked for the likes of the New Yorker and the Washington post, took the opportunity to hit up Milano for money, suggesting she donate to an Alabama group that funds women’s abortions. Milano promised she would do it.

The #SexStrike has not gone particularly well for Milano. In addition to the predictable mockery from the right, she has also faced rejection from the left, which has found various and sometimes competing reasons to condemn her campaign

Feminists, for example, have accused her of setting back the cause of sexual liberation, while LGBT activists have said she excluded queer people who sleep with me.

Milano sought to address some of those criticisms in an op-ed she coauthored for CNN, which was published Monday.

Still, she is supposedly not sleeping with her husband, or any other man, and on Tuesday, Alabama lawmakers voted to enact the strictest ban on abortion of any state yet.

Clearly frustrated, Milano admitted Wednesday that she had smashed her phone in a moment of rage.

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