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Dems Melt Down Over Onion Article…Mocking Them for Being Too Sensitive

Dems Melt Down Over Onion Article…Mocking Them for Being Too Sensitive

“You guys are a special kind of stupid.”

Liberals are often accused of not being able to take a joke, and the reaction to an article published Tuesday by The Onion was a case study in why. 

The satirical newspaper’s satirical story ― headlined “Guilt-Ridden Stacey Abrams Wondering When She Should Tell Democrats That She Lost Her Election” ― mocked Democrats for being in a fragile state of denial about Abrams’ failed bid to become the first black female governor in Georgia, and the nation.

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The Georgia Democratic Party practically howled at The Onion on Twitter, insisting that the gubernatorial election had been “stolen” from Abrams. She has fueled this mentality by repeatedly accusing her Republican opponent in the race, Brian Kemp, of voter suppression and refusing to this day to concede the legitimacy of his governorship.

Despite Abrams’ loss and her ungracious and unfounded reaction thereto, Democrats have since sought to elevate her to nearly Martin Luther King-like status. So much so, that Abrams was chosen to give the party’s response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday. She was subsequently hailed in near-hagiographic terms for the speech, during which she predictably harped on election reform and Trump’s terribleness.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a former darling of the left and expected presidential candidate, was dog-piled ahead of her supposedly momentous address for daring to make his own comments about Trump’s speech.

Unsurprisingly, then, the Georgia Democrats were not alone in their partisan outrage at The Onion. Some commenters bitterly cited left-wing conspiracy theories that Kemp used his office as Georgia secretary of state to swing the election in his favor.

Others were disappointed in The Onion for briefly departing from its reliably liberal editorial stance.

Conservatives, on the other hand, ruthlessly mocked their triggered fellow Americans. Many wanted to make sure the liberals were aware that The Onion is not a real newspaper.

A number of  Twitter users called out liberals for their hypocritical handling of Abrams; defeat, recalling the left’s hysteria about Trump allegedly undermining faith in elections with his “rigged” rhetoric on the 2016 campaign trail.

At least one guy was just plain fed up.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and top Democratic donors have reportedly been begging Abrams to run for Senate. 

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Cover image: The Onion article about Stacey Abrams. (Screen grab from Twitter)

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