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South Park Introduces Transgender Character Based on Macho Man Randy Savage

South Park Introduces Transgender Character Based on Macho Man Randy Savage

South Park, a show known for its mockery of political correctness and woke dogma, has taken on the hot button topic of transgender athletes in sport.

“Board Girls,” the seventh episode of the twenty-third season of the animated Comedy Central series, aired Wednesday.

The newest episode introduces a transgender character named Heather Swanson, who is based on legendary pro-wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage.

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The musclebound character is clearly meant to highlight the purported absurdity of letting transgender athletes compete against women.

Swanson competes against female athletes in “The Annual Strong Woman Competition,” a reference to several recent controversies involving trans competitors dominating sporting contests.

For instance, transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon sparked an outcry after winning a women’s world championship last month.

Following her victory in the women’s 35-39 age category at the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships, McKinnon suggested competitors who took issue with her status as a trans woman were “losers.”

“I have yet to meet a real champion who has a problem with trans women. Real champions want stronger competition,” McKinnon said in a tweet. “If you win because bigotry got your competition banned … you’re a loser.”

Jaycee Cooper, a transgender woman who started powerlifting only a year ago, set a state benchpress record for her adopted gender in February.

“South Park sinks to new lows”

“Board Girls” has already divided commenters on social media – mostly along predictable ideological lines.

Critics of allowing trans athletes to compete in sport received the episode enthusiastically.

“I sense that the South Park writers saw my viral deadlift tweet,” tweeted Zuby, a British rapper who shattered two women’s weightlifting records on video while claiming to identify as a woman.

Zuby said in March that the viral stunt was designed prove the “absurdity” of claims that transgender athletes don’t have an advantage over biological women.

Rita Panahi, an Australian opinion columnist who often criticizes progressive ideology, also weighed in on the show.

“Ooooh yeah! @SouthPark on trans athletes competing in women’s competitions,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, the “SJW” progressives that South Park sets out to offend were, unsurprisingly, offended.

PinkNews, an LGBT rights-focused news outlet, declared “South Park sinks to new lows” in its coverage of the episode.

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“South Park have abused their power over trans women in sports by ridiculing trans athletes. Their hate is on show, By creating the character of Heather Swanson, a faux trans woman who looks & sounds just like the late wrestler Randy Savage,” tweeted one transgender commenter on Twitter.

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