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White Man Jailed After Refusing to Role Play ‘Slave and Slaver’ With Black Girlfriend

White Man Jailed After Refusing to Role Play ‘Slave and Slaver’ With Black Girlfriend

A white Florida man was apparently so disgusted by his black girlfriend’s request to role play as “slave and slaver” that he spat in her face, according to court documents.

An Aug. 6 affidavit reported by the New York Daily News showed that Bradenton police were called to the home of Kenneth Atkins, 37, and Ashley Edwards, 35, and found the pair “engaged in a verbal argument over refusal to role play.”

“Ashley stated she wanted to play slave and slaver because she is African American and he is Caucasian,” read the Manatee County Sheriff’s office report. “Kenneth did not wish to partake and became verbally aggressive.”

According to the report, Atkins “spat in Ashley’s face.”

Atkins “denied the allegations and/or any other physical confrontation” to police, The Smoking Gun reported. Edwards declined to provide officers with a sworn affidavit and said she did not want Atkins to go to jail, according to the police report.

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Police arrested Atkins for simple battery. He is scheduled for a court date in September.

Slave and slaver role play touches on heated racial issues

The conversation over race in America is fraught with ideological tensions that are newly inflamed seemingly every week.

The topic of how woke whites can become better “allies” to people of color is a popular topic in progressive colors. Universities have even hosted “workshops” intended to help white people understand racial inequalities better.

In February, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis hosted one such “racial equality” workshop.

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The daylong workshop, billed as part of the “White Racial Literacy Project,” sought to facilitate “concrete efforts to address whiteness,” as well as other “racial inequalities in institutional decision-making, the academic curriculum, and the campus.”

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