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Liberal Activist Sentenced to Jail for Drunken Racist Rant That Went Viral — Kills Herself in Shame

Liberal Activist Sentenced to Jail for Drunken Racist Rant That Went Viral — Kills Herself in Shame

Just 13 days after being released from a British jail – where she was serving a sentence for charges related to a drunken, racist rant on an Air India flight last year – an Irish human rights attorney took her own life.

In November, footage of Simone Burns, 50, hurling racial slurs and spitting at flight attendants who refused to serve her more wine went viral. The East Sussex, U.K. resident was sentenced in April to six months in prison, The Times of Israel reported.

“I’m an an international criminal lawyer for the fucking Palestinian people,” Burns, a Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement activist, said during the inebriated tirade.

It is believed that Burns, who was reportedly suffering from depression following the incident, committed suicide.

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Her body was found on June 1, according to a police statement released earlier this month.

“The body of a woman found at Beachy Head, Eastbourne, on 1st June has been identified as 50-year-old Simone Burns from Hove,” police said. “The death is not being treated as suspicious and next of kin have been informed. The matter has been passed to the East Sussex coroner’s officer.”

An unnamed friend of the deceased told The Telegraph that Burns’ “world fell apart” following her conviction and an onslaught of negative remarks on social media.

The death of Simone Burns echoes a similar case from 2019

Burns isn’t the first liberal to take their own life after being perceived as failing to uphold progressive ideals.

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Earlier this year, male feminist Mexican rocker Armando Gil took his own life after being accused of sexual assault. In a suicide note, Gil emphasized his support for women’s rights and the #MeToo movement, but claimed that the accusation left him feeling like he had no other option but to kill himself and that he wanted to protect his son’s reputation by making a “radical declaration of innocence.”

There has been no shortage of cultural commentators railing against what they see as an increasing societal focus on mob outrage and the “canceling” of individuals who stray from politically correct orthodoxy.

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