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Transgender Dad Becomes a Woman and Then a Man Again So He Can Conceive a Child

Transgender Dad Becomes a Woman and Then a Man Again So He Can Conceive a Child

A transgender man who conceived a son with his cisgender wife underwent two gender transition reversals in the process.

Seth Marlow, 41, transitioned from female to male in 2003, the New York Post reported.

In 2012, Marlow had his transition medically reversed to conceive his son, Arlo. Immediately after, he switched back to being male.

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Andrea Syrtash, host of the “Pregnantish” podcast, recently interviewed Marlow, who described the unconventional way he and wife Leah conceived Seth.

Marlow’s egg was fertilized using the sperm of an anonymous donor and then frozen. The egg was transplanted into Leah’s uterus three years later.

Leah delivered Arlo in 2015.

“Arlo has two genetic fathers,” Marlow told The Post. “He’s a pretty unique kid.”

Despite his transition, which included a double mastectomy and testosterone treatment, Marlow still retained his ovaries.

In order to conceive his son, he stopped taking testosterone and began a course of estrogen.

The effects of the fertility treatment made for some uncomfortable situations for the male-presenting Marlow, who told Syrtash he had to take tampons into public men’s restrooms.

“I’m not a big dude, but I’m a dude with a big beard and a bunch of tattoos,” he laughed. “My trans history only is disclosed if I choose to disclose it.”

The family has not kept the details of their unique path toward conception from their 4-year-old son.

“Recently, we were talking about hopefully adding a little brother or sister to our family and Arlo said, ‘Will we be using your eggs, Daddy?’ ” Marlow told The Post. “He doesn’t understand the mechanics of the sexual act, but he knows about all the different ways a baby can be created.”

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“It’s a beautiful way to make a family,” he added.

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