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Feminist Known for ‘Saggy Boobs’ Says Men Can Go Kill Themselves

Feminist Known for ‘Saggy Boobs’ Says Men Can Go Kill Themselves

“The next time a man asks why your boobs are saggy, ask him why his balls are saggy.”

A famous British feminist announced on Twitter this week that she doesn’t care if men kill themselves.

Chidera Eggerue, better known as The Slumflower, said in a series of tweets on Sunday and Monday that men are violent oppressors – and she is anyway too busy empowering women.

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“I don’t have time to think about the reasons why the system you created at my expense to benefit you is now choking you,” she said in a since-deleted tweet. “If men are committing s*icide because they can’t cry, how’s it my concern?”

A celebrated activist and best-selling author, Eggerue last year launched the “body positive” hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter by posting images of herself in a revealing black dress.

“The next time a man asks why your boobs are saggy, ask him why his balls are saggy,” she commented.

Prior to to her tweet about male suicide, Eggeruea went on a Twitter-tirade against the idea that “some young men have it so hard” – which she said had been proposed to her by a crying “white woman” who claimed to be a feminist.

When another Twitter user suggested that maybe the mystery woman was concerned about high male suicide rates, Eggerue said she has no sympathy for men, whom she dismissed as women-killers and child molesters.

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“Men are murdering us and abusing children and you think I have time to theorise on why they can’t cry? Lmao not me hun.”

She added: “Until young men are being married off at the age of six and having acid thrown in their faces for declining sexual advances, you can’t change my mind.”

Eggerue also rejected the idea of “designing a world that is safer for my oppressor,” saying she would rather focus on vulnerable women.

Amid backlash to her latest anti-male comments, Eggerue refused to apologize and instead doubled-down.

“In a world where men have disproportionate access to power (this is known as patriarchy), women and girls face the result of this by being murdered for going on walks at night, having acid thrown in their faces for declining sexual advances and being married to men at the age of nine,” she told Pluralist in a statement.

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“Until men are systemically disadvantaged by patriarchy, women will always be my priority. Men have a responsibility to show up for themselves and each other and should no longer wait for women to nurse them before we nurse the wounds they have inflicted on us.

“Patriarchy harms everyone, including men,” she continued, despite having previously tweeted that men benefit from their power. “But it is no woman’s responsibility or obligation to centre any man’s healing. I wonder what the world would look like if men did the work on themselves and women were given room to actually exist without fear.”

Some commenters defended Eggerue’s views.

“Y’all upset that the marginalised party isn’t concern with the struggles of the oppressive party? Whew,” said one Twitter user. “Intersectional feminism does not mean advocate for men’s right – and non-men aren’t obligated to do so.”

In the United States and elsewhere, the #MeToo movement has drawn renewed attention to the various ways that men mistreat women, from physical violence to Aziz Ansari-type bad dates.

However, critics – including some liberals – have warned feminists against adopting an intersectional ideology that vilifies and men as part of a systemic “toxic masculinity” and makes women morally superior victims.

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