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Lesbian Couple Cut Off Son’s Penis ‘Because He Wanted to Be a Girl’ – Then They Killed Him

Lesbian Couple Cut Off Son’s Penis ‘Because He Wanted to Be a Girl’ – Then They Killed Him

A Brazilian woman and her partner cut off her young son’s penis last year in an attempted sex reassignment surgery. Now, the lesbian couple have admitted to killing the 9-year-old boy. 

Rosana Auri da Silva Candido and Kacyla Priscyla Santiago Damasceno Pessoa on May 31 stabbed the boy to death in his sleep, cut him into pieces and tried to burn the body party on a grill at their home, Metropoles reported last week, citing the police. Candido is the biological mother of the boy, whose name was Rhuan Maycon da Silva Castro.

Witnesses called police after noticing the couple walking through a soccer field with a suitcase containing Rhuan’s corpse. When officers responded to the family’s home, they found the women there with Pessoa’s 8-year-old daughter.

Authorities later located Rhuan’s remains in two backpacks in the area: one on the lot where the couple resided and the other in front of a nearby day care center.

The couple, who remain in police custody, showed no remorse for their actions while being interrogated, Metropoles reported. They confessed to killing the boy because they wanted to move to another address. Candido also told police that she hated her son for reminding her of her father, who had abused her.

In a recent TV interview, Candido also said that her son had to die because she had been assaulted by her father, her ex-boyfriend and Rhuan’s other grandfather about two years ago because she had converted to Christianity.

“For me, that was the solution,” she said. “It would be hypocrisy for me to say that I did not know what I was doing, but [killing the boy] was the only thing that happened in my head.”

Candido also confessed to police that she and Pessoa had cut off Rhuans penis about a year ago using rudimentary tools, Metrpoles reported. She claimed that the boy had “wanted to become a girl.

After removing his penis, the women said they sewed an improvised version of the female organ onto the mutilated area.

The life of Rhuan Maycon da Silva Castro

According to Metropoles, Rhuan was separated from his father at age 5. In 2015, Candido and Pessoa fled the city of Acre, where they all lived, with the boy and Pessoa’s then-4-year-old daughter. Neither of the children have attended school since.

The family of Rhuan’s father made repeated attempts to locate the boy over the years and tried to alert child welfare authorities to the possibility that he was in danger.

Octavia Moreira, an attorney representing both the family of Rhuan’s father and Rodrigo Oliveira, the father of Pessoa’s daughter, told Metropoles that her clients’ many attempts to track down their children were stifled by Brazilian bureaucracy, as well as Candido and Pessoa’s frequent moves to remote cities.

Moreira said the child support Oliveira paid for his daughter was the only clue they had as to the couple’s whereabouts.

“As the girl’s father had the pension deducted from the sheet, we began to track withdrawals. That’s how we found out they were in Anapolis, for example,” she told Metropoles.

“We know it was not just this crime,” she added, referring to the killing. “Rhuan was tortured. They confessed that his penis was severed a year ago. I’m working on documenting how the boy had been suffering since moving away from the family. Besides death, the way they dealt with the body. The children did not go to school or to the doctor.”

Beyond gender politics

Candido and Pessoa’s case is a horrific example of the pain men and women can cause each other at their worst. At a time when gender politics are ascendant in the United States and elsewhere, it’s also a reminder that neither sex has a monopoly on evil.

Cover image: Rosana Auri da Silva Candido and Kacyla Priscyla Santiago Damasceno Pessoa stand accused of killing Rhuan Maycon da Silva Castro (Screen grab)

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