Remote Studies: The Next Big Thing in Education

Even if the title suggests that remote studies are the next big thing in education, this new era has already begun. The COVID-19 pandemic was only a catalyst to processes that started a long time ago. Today, however, they are developing faster than ever, making us more flexible in our studies but more dependent on technologies.

We are slowly transitioning into a new world where online education is equal to traditional or sometimes even preferred. Moreover, it offers opportunities that were beyond imaginable to former generations.

Today, students can attend Harvard without being present in the U.S. Every art geek can visit the Louvre to study art without even leaving home. Everyone can get help from a reliable college essay writing service like Essaypro by simply typing their request in the Google search engine. The list of these advantages can go on and on. And trust us: you won’t regret a dollar you spend on qualitative online education.

If it still doesn’t sound persuasive enough, let’s discuss the opportunities remote studies provide.

Easy Start

Remote studies are easier to apply to. Students-to-be don’t have to commute anywhere with a pack of documents. Instead, they are required to prepare files at home, scan them nicely and send them using electronic means of communication. If anything is missing, they’ll be contacted to provide extra information.

This simplicity also makes remote studies rank top among all other options available to students. They look for quality education that is up to date with the rules modern lifestyle requires. Remote students and online education meet those requirements in full.


You don’t have to move and settle in a new place if you want to study there. You can keep your regular pace and study whenever you see fit. Such flexibility and mobility make student lives more diverse. At the same time, they let students catch up with the recent trends and achieve more than they could if they were bound to one place.

Remote education has a better chance of being perfectly incorporated into everyone’s lifestyle. You can either choose the most suitable time to study yourself or adjust your schedule to studies, work, and life.

Better Concentration

It’s not about the attention you pay to studies. It’s about being invested in studying a particular field. Remote studies let students focus on their careers better by filtering the information they get.

The remote curriculum is different from traditional instruction. It’s more condensed and subject-based. In other words, students study topics they need for their future profession. They have more time to blend theory and practice, not wasting their resources on general disciplines they might never need.

Advanced Curriculum

To adjust the existing learning process to a new remote reality, colleges and universities had to make many adjustments. However, the format is not the only thing that’s been changed. Many programs have been modified for their curriculum to meet student needs.

That means that remote students study subjects using more modern plans and methodologies. This curriculum is a practical response to the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Shorter Terms

Remote education can save you lots of time. Traditional classrooms often require four years of sitting in the college. However, remote education can make the term shorter. Some people think that this is done at the expense of quality. Yet, this idea is wrong. Time savings are achieved through time optimization. Online college classes at Straighterline allow you to finish in less than 30 days and you to take your exams when you’re ready.

In addition, you may cut the time you spend studying daily. You don’t need to commute anywhere since you can access all educational materials in the blink of an eye. With the compressed teaching time and benefits, you can balance work and study with no difficulty.

Cost Efficiency

Traditional classroom instruction was getting more and more expensive before the pandemic. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about education is student debt. For many students, expenses associated with studies are hard to bear.

Remote studies allow students to get high-quality education without spending that much money. Cost efficiency is achieved through decreased labor costs and process automation. The first month of remote studies may cost more than consecutive ones because you need to pay for certain software. The rest of the financial burden is relatively easy to handle.

Better Control Over Studies

Thanks to technologies and process automation, you never lose track of topics you learn online. Computer-controlled systems let you and your instructors monitor the training schedule. Even though you attend classes remotely, every step is traceable.

When you are in the classroom, a lot depends on your ability to listen and make notes. Some people may get distracted and lose track of topics. Remote studies are usually powered by platforms equipped with learning management systems.

Time Management & Self-Discipline

If you are struggling with planning and scheduling, remote studies can teach you to be self-organized. You won’t have any other choice. With automated deadlines, students don’t have anyone to negotiate delays anymore. You either submit a paper on time, or you don’t.

If you are flexible with your studies, it doesn’t mean you can avoid them. You should get even better with time planning and management to include everything in your schedule. This way, you can focus on quality time with family and friends.

Online Networking

Even though you don’t meet with people offline if you study remotely, you still network. This networking may be even better because you get to meet with students from around the globe. If you have a stable internet connection, the fact that communication is done online won’t affect its quality.

Also, you can reach out to global industry experts remotely and get their opinion on the key topics that interest you. Some of them take part in webinars that are accessible online.

Using advanced technologies, students have better chances of building a powerful network of contacts. It may lead you to interesting and even unexpected career opportunities.

IT Skills Upgrade

Remote studies are impossible without IT tools. That means students choosing online education agree to advance their technical skills to a level needed to complete assignments and access learning materials.

Moreover, remote education often demands more than that. Students need to be able to collaborate. They use advanced tools, create presentations, manage teamwork, and even vlog or join video streams. 

Blended Programs

Remote studies allow students to blend study programs the way they see fit. That means you can choose a few majors if you are doing a degree. Or you can get your degree in computer science but choose math and marketing as majors.

Students need this flexibility to compete in the labor market once they graduate. They will be selected if they manage to narrow down their expertise. That means that the company looking for a marketing specialist in IT is likely to hire a computer science graduate with a marketing major rather than someone competent only in one sphere.


Remote studies continue to be one of the most popular education formats today. Online learning technologies helped students go through tough COVID times. Yet, they are not going anywhere when the disease is taken under control.

Remote studies have a great and bright future. Most likely, they will take over or at least merge with traditional classroom instruction, creating new hybrid forms. Nevertheless, this remote studies format is a new big thing in education that offers us exciting opportunities.

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