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Rapper Gives ‘Shout Out’ to Jordan Peterson: I Keep My Room Clean

Rapper Gives ‘Shout Out’ to Jordan Peterson: I Keep My Room Clean

“I gave you 12 rules for life and kept my room clean.”

A young British rapper gave a shout-out on Monday to contrarian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson.

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In a tweet, 32-year-old songwriter and hip-hop artist Zuby invited the controversial Canadian to check out the title song from his latest album “Perseverance,” which was released in November.

Zuby, an Oxford University graduate who grew up in Saudi Arabia, aims to differentiate himself from artists who build a career on provocations and profanities. “People so lost in the mirrors and the smoke think I’d be a realer bloke if I said I sold dope,” he raps in “Perseverance.”

Peterson, for Zuby, is an icon of personal responsibility, representing a healthy, confident, and principled type of masculinity. The rapper once described Peterson’s work as “traditional values and common sense thinking explained in an honest, thought provoking and artistic form.”

In addition to referencing Peterson’s two published books, “Maps of Meaning” and the international best-seller “12 Rules for Life,” Zuby also winked at the professor’s by-now hoary mantra: Clean your room!

You’re always talking evil in your raps
and I’m trying to put my meanings on the map
I gave you 12 rules for life and kept my room clean
I’m the Jordan Peterson of rap.

As evident by his commentary on social media, Zuby is plugged into some of the same social debates as Peterson, defending the value of free speech, individualism, and the legacy of Western culture. (Like a true “intellectual dark web” fanboy, he took a selfie with YouTube host Dave Rubin after attending Peterson’s October lecture in Oxford.)

Interestingly, Zuby also credits Mike Cernovich, one Twitter’s most infamous right-wing provocateurs and an on-again-off-again Trump supporter, for expanding his fan base. Cernovich has, on multiple occasions, shared Zuby’s music and taken professional interest in him.

Both Cernovich and — much less credibly — Peterson have been associated with the alt-right, which is popularly defined by its white supremacist elements. Zuby’s embrace of the two men would seem to complicate that narrative.

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Cover image: British rapper Zuby/Dr. Jordan Peterson. (Screen grab from YouTube/Creative Commons)

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