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Breaking: Dem Gov. Ralph Northam Also Guilty of ‘White Smirk’ in Racist Yearbook Photos

Breaking: Dem Gov. Ralph Northam Also Guilty of ‘White Smirk’ in Racist Yearbook Photos

“Governor Ralph Northam hid his smirk in blackface.”

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has faced mounting calls to resign from fellow Democrats after a racist yearbook photo of him surfaced.

But some conservatives have identified another potential infraction from his 1984 medical school yearbook: Just to the left of the photograph that has outraged liberals, Northam appeared in a suit and tie with an alleged smirk on his white face.

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Journalist Jon Gabriel was among those who trolled the libs by pointing out the “overlooked” facial expression. In a tweet Saturday, he drew a red arrow to the “smirk!,” saying, “You guys are missing the really offensive part of Northam’s yearbook.”

Other Twitter users joked that the same photo is definitive proof that Northam is a white supremacist.

The smile, a number of commenters said, is the real liberal reason Northam must resign.

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Some were still waiting for the same kind of social justice-outrage faced by Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann last December over a misleading viral video of him supposedly smirking at a Native American protester.

Northam was lucky he wasn’t wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, said one user, apparently referencing actress Alyssa Milano’s claim during the Covington uproar that the hat, which was worn by some of the students, was equivalent to a KKK hood.

Right-wing provocateur Mike Cernovich and others accused Northam of hiding a second smirk in the racist photo. Northam has not clarified which costume he is wearing in the racist photo ― the Ku Klux Clan outfit or the blackface.

Yet another damning photo of Northam appearing to simper during his Days at Virginia Military Institute also made the rounds. Surfaced by a CBS News affiliate, the photo caption, it was noted, gave Northam’s nickname as “coonman,” a racial slur.

Even Northam’s apology video issued Saturday ― his second for the old photo ― was scrutinized for smugness.

Many conservatives wondered what kind of opposition research team had missed the photos when Northam ran for office last year.

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Others couldn’t resist calling out Northam for his comments Wednesday in support of an abortion bill being advanced in Virginia. The governor had seemed to suggest that the legislation would allow doctors to kill unwanted babies immediately after birth, though his office later pushed back on that interpretation somewhat.


Ironically, Planned Parenthood joined the NAACP, several 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, the vice chair of the Democratic Governors Association who is set to take over in 2020, and Northam’s predecessor, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe,  in calling for Northam to resign.

Cover image: A photo of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam from 1984/Northam apologizes for the photo on Feb. 1, 2019. (Screen grabs from Twitter)


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