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Transgender Athlete to Fox Nation Host: ‘Science Doesn’t Care About Feelings’

Transgender Athlete to Fox Nation Host: ‘Science Doesn’t Care About Feelings’

“Science doesn’t care about feelings.”

On an episode of Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive” that aired last week, host Bill McGurn assembled a panel to discuss the issue of transgender athletes in competitive sports.

Sitting on the panel was champion cyclist and transgender rights activist, Rachel McKinnon.

During the segment, McKinnon took issue with the argument that allowing trans athletes to compete requires taking a spot in the competition away from female athletes.

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“About the idea that if a trans person comes in and they’re competitive, that you’re bumping the bottom person off the rung. That’s true of anyone who moves into the district,” McKinnon said.

“I’m a Canadian citizen, so when I came in and raced in South Carolina, sure I knocked the last place person off, but that’s true when anyone ever enters a district,” the cycling athlete continued.

When host Bill McGurns attempted to explain how others athletes might feel, McKinnnon interrupted him by  declaring, “science doesn’t care about feelings”.

Transgender participation in sports, especially women’s athletics, has become a hot button topic across the country. Critics have argued that trans athletes have an unfair advantage. Recently, two transgender high school athletes made headlines after they dominated a Connecticut track event.

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