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‘Transracial’ Rachel Dolezal Ruins Pride Month for Some Liberals by Coming Out as Bisexual

‘Transracial’ Rachel Dolezal Ruins Pride Month for Some Liberals by Coming Out as Bisexual

Rachel Dolezal, a white activist who infamously identifies as a black woman, interrupted Pride Month celebrations on Saturday by announcing that she is proudly bisexual.

“Just wanted to take a moment to recognize Pride Month,” Dolezal, 41, said in rainbow-accented tweet adapted from an Instagram post. “I am in absolutely no rush to explore a new relationship, but it still matters to stay visible. I am bisexual.”

Lest anyone doubt her LGBT credentials, Dolezal, shared that her first kiss was a with a girl at age 18. She said that being married to a man and having two children with men “does not mean I  am not bi.”

Dolezal explained that she has been celibate for years but is attracted to “body parts” less than to “a certain vibe” as well as “the heart, soul, compatibility & chemistry.”

She went on to counter what she apparently imagined are other oppressive misconceptions about her newly declared sexuality.

“Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m confused. Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m ‘almost’ gay. Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m any less monogamous or into threesomes,” she said. “So don’t delegitimize the ‘B’ in LGBTQI. It’s a real identity. We are here, and no one’s opinion is going to make me gay or straight or not bi.”

Dolezal did not repeat her past claims that she is “transracial,” which were poorly received by transgender rights advocates.

Rachel Dolezal not welcomed by the bisexual community

Once a successful civil rights activist in Spokane, Washington, Dolezal has been a liberal pariah since her parents outed her as pretending to be black in 2015. Amid backlash, she resigned as the president of the local NAACP chapter, and a number of other social justice-oriented groups cut ties with her. She has since admittedly struggled to find work.

Pride Month or no, LGBT Twitter users were not happy to see Dolezal back in the news. Bisexuals were triggered.

As were members of other queer identity groups.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users seized the opportunity to mock what they suggested was Dolezal’s opportunism, and relatedly, the centrifugal logic of identity politics.

One comedian predicted that Dolezal would have a new identity in time for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

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