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Climate Change Activist Glues Breasts to the Ground in Protest of Goldman Sachs

Climate Change Activist Glues Breasts to the Ground in Protest of Goldman Sachs

“The financial industry is responsible for funding climate and ecological destruction.”

An eco-protester linked to a group fighting to raise awareness about what they characterize as an oncoming climate catastrophe glued her breasts to the road outside of the Goldman Sachs London headquarters during a Thursday protest, Reuters reported.

The woman, who was seen in photographs lying face down on the pavement, was surrounded by police with a protective screen as officers worked to free her.

The stunt was one of many pulled by activists who have been protesting climate change in London’s financial district for days. At issue, according to the protesters, is the business world’s “role in our collective suicide.”

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Members of the group organizing the protest, Extinction Rebellion, also glued themselves to the entrance of the London Stock exchange in a makeshift blockade.

Police arrested the activists for aggravated trespassing after detaching them from the surface. According to Metro UK, London Police said they arrested 26 people at the London Stock exchange.

Despite the protests, the Exchange said all markets were open as normal.

In other areas of London, protesters climbed the roof of the DLR train at Canary Wharf station, holding signs that read “business as usual = death” and “don’t jail the canaries.”

British Transport Police were forced to use ropes, harnesses, and ladders to remove protesters from the railways. Police told “Metro” five people there were arrested for obstructing the railway.

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At Goldman Sachs where the protester glued her breasts to the ground, activists beat drums and carried banners down the road to blockade it. Buses were seen stuck on each side of the blockade.

Protest organizers say they were “swarming” 10 locations in London, which also included the Bank of England and Rothschild and Co and Deutsche Bank.

An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson told Metro UK the companies were targeted for their alleged role in harming the environment.

“The financial industry is responsible for funding climate and ecological destruction and we are calling on them,” the spokesperson said.

More than 1,000 people have been arrested in connection to the protests, while police have deployed approximately 10,000 officers in a bid to keep order in the city.

According to Metro UK, police say 69 people have already been charged with crimes connected to the demonstrations.

This isn’t the first time Extinction Rebellion has generated headlines for their protest tactics. Earlier this month, a group of semi-nude protesters connected to the organization interrupted lawmakers’ attempts to debate Brexit by storming Britain’s parliament Monday and demanding “climate justice.”

The band of approximately 12 climate change protesters pressed themselves against the glass screen of a public gallery that sits atop the parliament chamber, giving lawmakers a clear view of their body parts and the slogans (“Climate justice now”) painted on their backs.

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Cover image: Protester being helped by police after gluing her breasts to the ground in London on April 25, 2019 (Screen grab)

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