The Michael Peres Podcast: An Interview With Angela Knight, a Glimpse Into the Life of an Entrepreneur and Relationship Coach

Seattle, Washington–(Hexa PR Wire. – April 19, 2023)-The Michael Peres Podcast is excited to announce Episode #18, featuring a fascinating conversation with guest Angela Knight. Listeners can expect an insightful discussion on entrepreneurship, personal development, and the unique challenges of balancing introversion and extroversion in the business world.

Angela Knight, with permission

About Guest Angela Knight

Angela Knight is an entrepreneur, inventor, TikToker, and YouTuber, and has made her mark as a relationship coach. Her journey began as an introvert, but through her various experiences, she has learned the benefits of adopting both extroverted and introverted behaviors. Knight’s expertise in relationship coaching stems from her own personal development journey and the ability to connect with people on a deep level. Her insightful guidance and advice have helped countless individuals improve their personal and professional relationships.


About The Michael Peres Podcast

The Michael Peres Podcast is a platform that focuses on entrepreneurship and the stories behind the world’s most interesting and successful business minds. The podcast dives deep into the experiences, lessons, and insights shared by innovative entrepreneurs, providing valuable takeaways for listeners looking to learn and grow in their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Tune in to Episode #18 of The Michael Peres Podcast for a captivating conversation with Angela Knight, where she shares her story, her struggles, and the valuable lessons she’s learned on her path to becoming a successful entrepreneur and an accomplished relationship coach.

About Host Michael Peres

Michael Peres, also known as Mikey Peres, is an entrepreneur, software engineer, journalist, and author with a portfolio of successful tech, media, and news startups. Peres holds a background in computer science, mathematics, Jewish studies, and is currently pursuing a degree in bio-medical engineering.

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