Levita Announces New Range of Immersive Visual Display Products, Building on Gravity Display Success

Liege, Belgium(Hexa PR Wire–November 13, 2023)

Levita, the leading creative agency known for its unique and unforgettable visual experiences, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovations: Impossible Balance, The Travel Display, The Tube, and Magic Cloud, in addition to their groundbreaking Gravity Displays. Being a finalist in the 2021 LVMH Innovation Awards has reinforced its positioning as one of the top visual display strategies used by leading brands.
The Gravity Display was Levita’s first product to launch and has set the standard for visual displays in the industry. With patented technology, Levita offers a 100% controlled levitation experience, allowing products to be showcased without any visible support, creating a fully immersive visual experience with real objects. The displays also enable a multitude of movements and 360° rotation, allowing every detail to be appreciated and creating a story through movement.
Building on the success of the Gravity Display, Levita has developed four new innovative products that are sure to take your breath away:
1. IMPOSSIBLE BALANCE: Watch as objects seemingly defy the laws of physics, balancing in perfect equilibrium.
2. TRAVEL DISPLAY: A visual spectacle that makes objects disappear and reappear before your very eyes.
3. THE TUBE: A miniaturized version of Levita’s technology that can be easily integrated into existing structures or window displays.
4. MAGIC CLOUD: A technology that allows any object to fly in all types of places, both indoors and outdoors.
These new products offer a range of versatile applications, enhancing the visual identity of your products, retail displays or events and creating unforgettable memories for your audience. Developed by Levita, these innovations are 100% Belgian and represent the pinnacle of cutting-edge research and development.
The secret behind Levita’s technology is a mix of electromechanical technology and several principles of magic. The meeting of these techniques gives the illusion that the object is floating. Once customers see the levitating item, they are compelled to stop, analyze the object, and try to uncover the secret. At that precise moment, Levita’s mission is accomplished.
When you choose to work with Levita, you are joining a secret society, and your teams are bound to keep the secret hidden to maximize the impact of the experience.
For more information, please visit levita-magic.com

About Levita

Levita is an innovative creative agency that specializes in creating extraordinary visual experiences by integrating the art of magic and levitation. Founded by experienced magicians Clément Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard, the company has revolutionized the way prestigious objects and products are showcased. Levita’s unique technology, which allows items to levitate without visible support, offers a mesmerizing, immersive experience, enhancing product displays and art installations. With a diverse team of engineers, designers, communication experts, and magicians, Levita combines electromechanical technology with magic principles, captivating audiences worldwide and transforming ordinary presentations into unforgettable experiences.

Contact Information

Viviane Paraschiv, email: viviane@levita-magic.com
Viviane Paraschiv, number: +44 7445 845174

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