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Local Residents Devastated After Someone Draws Beard on Obama: ‘Tears Came to My Eyes’

Local Residents Devastated After Someone Draws Beard on Obama: ‘Tears Came to My Eyes’

Residents of one Birmingham, Alabama neighborhood are outraged following the defacing of a mural depicting former President Barack Obama.

“Tears came to my eyes, because I think it was a horrible thing,” Smithfield resident Drucilla Davis told CBS affiliate WIAT. “It was a disgrace.”

The mural has been a source of pride in the Smithfield community for years, local residents told WIAT. It is situated along Rev. Abraham Woods Boulevard on the civil rights trail.

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“We’re trying to get the people to move back over here and build new stuff to get the people to stay here because one time, Smithfield was the area folks liked to come to,” one resident said.

The mural is located on private property, meaning it’s not clear what if anything the city will be able to do about the vandalism. City public works crews were on site Monday inspecting the damage, according to WIAT.

Birmingham City Councilman Darrell O’Quinn said he was confused as to what the vandal’s “intent” was.

“There are plenty of places that need murals where artists could potentially utilize their talents, so we certainly don’t need to be disrupting existing murals,” he told WIAT.

A local resident offered $1,000 on social media to anyone who could track down the person responsible for the vandalism.

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“Don’t come to the Smithfield area and tear up while we are trying to build up, you know,” Davis said. “We’re here to make Smithfield beautiful again.”

Cover image: A Barack Obama mural in Birmingham, Alabama. (Screen grab)

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