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Kids Seeking Gender Transitions Spikes 3,000% in England — And They’re Younger Than Ever

Kids Seeking Gender Transitions Spikes 3,000% in England — And They’re Younger Than Ever

The number of children seeking gender transitions continued to surge in England, reaching a new high of 2,590 in the year to April. 

According to figures from the country’s only child gender clinic, referrals have increased 3,200-percent increase over the past decade. In 2009-2010, just 77 English children requested help transitioning.

This year’s numbers also revealed new trends, The Times of London reported Sunday. For the first time, most of the patients (54 percent) referred to the Gender Identity Development Service, aka Gids, were aged 14 or younger. The youngest was 3-years-old.

The number of 11-year-old patients rose by 28 percent over last year. Similar increases were seen among 13-year-olds (30 percent to a total of 311) and 14-year-olds (25 percent to 511).

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The entire rise was accounted for by girls, who made up some three-quarters (74 percent) of the total. By contrast, in 2010-2011, girls accounted for less than half (43 percent) of total Gids referrals.

Polly Carmichael, the director of Gids, told The Times: “We are continuing to see a much higher proportion of assigned females at birth referred to the service. We are alive to this issue, and are exploring it.”

While Equalities Minister Penny Mordaunt last year ordered a review of the phenomenon, The Times reported that “little has been heard of it since.”

The overall increase in referrals so far this year (6 percent) was less than in the past. But sources at Gids acknowledged that was almost entirely because 17-year-olds have started taking advantage of access to adult gender clinics. Those clinics allow them to consent to their own treatment.

Carmichael said she hoped the “leveling off” of demand at her clinic would decrease wait times for patients.

What number of transgender children is too many?

In a leaked report earlier this year, David Bill, a former governor of Gid’s parent trust, said the clinic was exposing young patients to “long-term damage” because of its “inability to stand up to the pressure” from “highly politicised” campaigners and families demanding fast-track gender transition.

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Bill said that doctors were failing to account for the histories of “highly disturbed or complex” children. In addition to “huge and unmanageable caseloads,” he pointed to doctors’ fear of being accused of transphobia if they questioned the “rehearsed” presentation of symptoms.

Transgender rights advocates have celebrated the increase in children transitioning as a sign of growing public acceptance and awareness. However, both U.K. and U.S. critics have warned that activists have created a woke culture in which young people are being excessively accommodated – and even encouraged – to transition when it is unclear they are really transgender.

While there is not yet good longterm research on the issue, some experts have warned – including in an ​Atlantic cover story last June – that children may regret the often-irreversible process when they grow up.

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